Captain's Log
27 October 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Due to the light conditions over night the Ship did not go to tacking stations as is the normal practice during the first night at sea, instead the Watch Leaders focused on getting the YC comfortable with their bridge duties. The morning watch this morning took advantage of the pleasant conditions and proceeded aloft to witness an impressive Bass Strait sunrise from the course yard (lowest yard) . At 0630 the wind started to freshen from the northeast so main engines were shut down, topsail and topgallant set and YE came under full plain sail for the first time for this voyage. By morning brief we were located 55nm to the south west of Points Hicks, the wind had strengthened to 20kts and the ship was sailing perfectly balanced making good a comfortable 7kts. As predicted these conditions were not going to last and by late morning we had experienced a south westerly change. Given this change, squares sails were immediately clewed up, staysails sheeted in and the ship brought hard onto the wind and a course shaped to the south (welcome to the infamous Bass Strait). at lunch and a short break the engineer conducted the first set of hotly contested rope races which was followed by a good set of rotational tacks. On completion of these tacks we shaped course to the west, in doing so, positioning ourselves for one more tack during the night so as to make our planned anchorage at Deal Island tomorrow morning.The time is now 2100 and we are battling some strong winds and a reasonably large swell, but everyone is holding up well.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


38°52's / 148°21'e


Currently 60nm to the NE of Deal Island and experiencing strong 30kt SW winds.