Captain's Log
V01/18 Hobart to Melbourne
1 June 2018

Banks Strait

Hi Everyone,                          Welcome to day four of our voyage. The wind was forecast to strengthen to 20-30kts from the north on the East Coast of Tasmania this morning so we pushed hard overnight to get as far north as possible to avoid the worst of this weather.By morning brief we had rounded Eddyston Point and had entered Banks Strait where the wind backed to the northeast allowing us to put the ship under fore and aft sail and enjoy sailing through this infamous stretch of water which on this occasion was unusually calm.Following the normal morning activities of morning brief and cleaning stations James the Navigator gave an informative brief on navigation which was followed by lunch.At 1300 it was straight into another round of Rope Races which was meant to be followed by a set of Rotational Tacks but by this time the wind had become light and variable and as with most of Southern Australia the temperature had risen into the mid 30s. Given these conditions we decided to hand in all sail and shape a new course for Lady Barren Island where at 1500 we came safely to anchor in Thunder and Lightning Bay.Once at anchor the Youth Crew were quickly ferried ashore where they enjoyed another leg stretch and a refreshing swim in the cool clear water of this very remote bay.By 1700 everyone was back onboard and following another great dinner we weighed anchor and headed out into Bass Strait where we again set fore and aft sail and in light to moderate north easterly winds commenced sailing west along the North Coast of Tasmania.Late this evening we expect the wind to back to the south west then we will tack ship and shape a new course to the north and Deal Island which we have planned as our next anchorage.Until Tomorrow, take care Yours AyeCaptain Gav


40 28.9 S / 147 43.3 E


Currently we are located 10nm to the west of Lady Barren Island sailing close hauled in light to moderate NNE winds with a .5 Nw swell. Our speed is 5kts and the current temperature has dropped to a pleasant 20 degrees.