Captain's Log
2 February 2009

Banks Strait

Ahoy Shipmates, This morning was cold with a light sea mist blanketing Marshall Bay. As we had planned an early departure the Youth Crew were shaken at 0600 and mustered on deck for an early morning activity, closely followed by a big hearty breakfast. While the YC were at breakfast the Staff Crew weighed anchor and Young Endeavour sailed quietly out of Marshall Bay. Once in open water a course was shaped to the south and we commenced our passage down the scenic west coast of Flinders Island. Throughout the morning we maintained a good speed of 7kts and by 1030 we were located 10nm to the north west of Banks Strait. As the conditions were good it was decided to conduct a set of rotational tacks prior to the ship entering Banks Strait, which is notorious for its strong tidal stream and unpredictable winds. By early afternoon we had entered the strait and were pleasantly surprised to find the conditions perfect for our passage through this stretch of water. Given these conditions and the healthy state of the YC I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon instructing each of watches on sail theory and in particular the intricacies of sailing Young Endeavour. By early evening we had passed safely through Banks Strait but due to a strong south easterly decided to maintain our easterly course for another 15nm prior to tacking ship and heading down the east coast of Tasmania. During the night watches tonight the YC will complete both the ���Bear Exercise�� (initiative and communication exercise) and the ���Apples & Onions Exercise�� (communication exercise) as the ship continues to make ground towards the Freycinet Peninsular and our next anchorage at Wineglass Bay. Given the current conditions we expect to have to tack at least once throughout the nightUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


40° 48' South / 148° 38' East


Currently located 17nm to the NE of Eddystone Point and experiencing strong 20-25kt SE winds with a 2m swell.