Captain's Log
30 May 2012

Back to sea we must go!

Ahoy there everyone, What a cracker of a start to the day, Sail Master Damien roused all hands to the deck with a little ditty played by Dougie our resident flute player. Once up on deck a quick game was played to get the blood flowing then the pool was opened for an entertaining first round of the best back flip attempts. So far Engineer Mick is winning with an outstanding face plant. We moved onto morning brief and happy hour after a morning of skylarking. Then it was back to the serious side of the voyage and an entertaining navigation brief from our resident expert Tim. With the Crew suitably informed they then went to lunch to get ready for another fun filled afternoon of sailing. After lunch I decided that the crew were ready for their first sail away from anchor. There was an outstanding plan put forward but unfortunately the plan turned out to simply be a basis for change. Luckily the Youth Crew showed their ability to adapt and overcome the challenge and soon we were on our way once more and making our way to the North of Pelorus island. The plan is to beat to windward back towards Magnetic Island for a day of fun activities at anchor. As we came out of the shelter of Pelorus island the swell kicked in and some of the smiles turned to looks of apprehension and a few of the Crew are now feeling a bit queasy. I hope that they find their sea legs tonight as we passage South. It looks like it might be a long night with several tacks required due to the limited searoom afforded by the reef. I do however have complete faith in the Crew to rise to the occasion and come out the other end tomorrow with smiles on their faces. A quick shout out to Rick, from Lilly, to say Happy Birthday and that she is missing you. Until Tomorrow Fair winds and following seas CAPT Matt I must go down to the sea again, To the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship And a star to sail her by… John Masefield


18° 36' South / 146° 34' East


WInd SE 20kts Swell SE 1-2M Temp 22 Degrees