Captain's Log
V08/18 Eden to Sydney
4 June 2018

Back to NSW

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the Ship continued to make ground to the north-north-east towards Sydney. The wind remained a steady 12 to 15 knots from the south-south-west during the morning watch. Overnight the all of the watches continued with their sail setting and furling practice as well as gaining more experience on the helm, with lookout duties, engineering rounds and some practical navigation.Sail Master Evan woke us at the usual at-sea time of 0700 with a tune selected by the watch on. The Morning Brief was attended by ‘Salty the Seadog’, who explained, with the use of actors of dubious ability, why ships’ toilets are called heads. The Youthies then met ‘Nana’, otherwise known as the Mallacoota Goal Shooter, who helped them to keep their accommodation areas tidy by picking up after them.After Happy Hour Watch Officer Baggers gave the nautical Rule of the Road brief, explaining who gives way to whom in the nautical situation. Another mouth-watering lunch created by Marcus followed, after which the crew were given some free time for an hour.Engineer Horto woke everyone up at 1300 with the heart-pumping round 2 of ‘Rope after which the Top Gallant and Course square sails were clewed-up and the engines were started to boost our speed for a couple of hours. The wind had abated to less than 10 kn and we came up in speed to ensure we arrive at Jervis Bay tomorrow morning at the desired time.Between 1400 and 1500 the youth crew took part in a deck games competition against the other watches and the Staffies. The games included tug-of-war, crew fishing, crew ten-pin bowling and a fender race around the deck.During the Afternoon and Dog Watches I gave my Sail Theory Brief to the watches, individually.The Ship will remain at sea overnight on passage to Jervis Bay. The Watches will complete the Bearex, a Teamwork and Leadership activity, during their night watches.Until tomorrow. Yours aye,Captain Mike


36 04.2' S / 150 19.6' E


Weather - overcast with occasional fine drizzle, Wind - from SE at 10 kn, Swell - from the south at 0.5 m, Temp: 20 deg. C