Captain's Log
10 July 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 47 of our voyage and what a special day it has been. At 0245 this morning we crossed the equator and re-entered the Southern Hemisphere for the first time since the 2nd March this year which really does mean that we are getting closer to home.It would not be a proper crossing of the equator without a Crossing of the Line Ceremony and a visit from King Neptune and his misfit entourage which always keeps us on our toes. Even Tall Ship Captains are not spared from being held responsible for their actions and along with our World Voyage Pollywogs I was also suitably punished by Neptune. Talking of our Pollywogs, having all now crossed the equator and having been brought in front of King Neptune to answer for their crimes our World Voyagers are all now classified as Salty Shellbacks and can now properly lay claim to having crossed the equator under sail!Talking of sail the wind gods continue to smile upon us and we continue to enjoy moderate – strong 15-20kt SE winds which are providing us with perfect sailing conditions and looking at the current forecast these conditions should stay with us for at least the next 72hrs.Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Liv and Rudy so please enjoy reading about their day.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log 07 October 2015Hello to our worldly followers!Today started early for most of us with the equator crossing! Some already awake for watch; others stumbled out of bed at 0230 for the very special occasion. Sleepy eyes, pitch black skies, but no Equatorial Buoy in sight, the YE Voyage 06/15 crossed 0 degrees latitude at 0245 Wednesday 7th October 2015!! As a group we all helmed across the line then posed for a bit of blinding flash photography. Photos and cheers aside we all went back to bed until wakey wakey, leaving many of us sleep deprived throughout the day. However, today was not the best day to be appearing on deck with half closed eyes as we were about to get a visit from King Neptune and Davy Jones’ Crew.The usual wake up and breakfast routine was in force in preparation for the royal visit. Our sail master of the day, Talbot, kicked off happy hour which was extra special as we prepared the ship for the prestigious ocean god. Whilst some of the crew were cleaning the heads they noticed something was slightly different, the toilets were flushing the opposite way due to the Coreolis effect (This may not be 100% accurate due to our vacuum suctioned toilets, but hey!).After lunch we were told not to wear our Sunday best clothes for the arrival of King Neptune and all for a very good reason! Tradition on the high seas for many years before us has involved chucking some stewed leftovers and condemning crew members to face before King Neptune himself. With Davy Jones by his side he decided guilty or not guilty (all guilty) and the festivities began. An unintentional food fuelled slip ‘n’ slide on deck, followed by a shower saw most, if not all the crew picking carrot, spaghetti, porridge and who knows what else, from behind their ears, between their toes, and other nooks and cranny’s of the body.Our game of ships assassin is also still going on with only 5 crew left to be slaughtered. Many people have been dashing between the heads and berths to avoid being caught (may or may not also be due to Mindelo belly). This has been made particularly difficult by our current sea state as we are on a permanent starboard tilt, having to basically climb from one side of the ship to the other. Keeping food on your plate and staying upright in the showers has become a bit of an ordeal.As we sail we have been myth busting many theories about what happens when crossing the equator, one of these being a complete flip of the northern sky into the southern. All northern stars have disappeared tonight and we can now see everything we can see from back home. It’s amazing! Along with this sudden flip, many of us lost our northern hemisphere currency from our pockets which we later found on the roof. The equator is a strange place.After our first day sailing in the southern hemisphere, many of us feel a little bit closer to home, definitely for some staff crew who haven’t been in this hemisphere since March. We are still 371nm from the nearest Brazilian coastline making good 6kts of boat speed under sail at 1.5 degrees latitude and 1 day closer to Rio De Janeiro!! Bring on Brazil!Signing out from Liv and Rudy (Brittney) from the Southern Hemisphere.Shoutouts:Liv: Almost home guys! Not long now at all. It seems like this trip has gone ridiculously fast though. Hope you are all still well and I can’t wait to chat soon. I am loving it out here! Miss you all xoxoBrittney (Rudy): Happy 21st Birthday to Me!!!! Wishing you the best of luck for your fishing comp Mumma! Sending good vibes from King Neptune and the fish gods from the Atlantic Ocean- 121cm coming for ya! – P.s Me and Talbot caught a baby GT! Love you long time! xx Talk very soooooon!!!Annie: Only 12 days left until we arrive in Brazil! I can’t believe how fast the days are going now! Missing you all heaps. Lots of love, Annie xox. – Happy 21st gorgeous Rudy!!! Can not wait to celebrate with you tomorrowKate: Happy 21st birthday Kaity D! Sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate with you but I know you will do enough celebrating for the both of us. Can’t wait to catch up when I get home ps hey mum, dad and Nanna, hope everything is going well in the UK! Love from the latest shellback to join the HD clan.Nina: Hey KB. Not long now!!! Hope your trip is going amazingly. Can’t wait to see you. I’m heaps strong now so we’ll have to flip our Hope Floats responsibilities around. See you in a few days. XZac: hey mum and reg, all is well. I’m keen to have a few days in port before heading back up to Airlie so if you can hold off on booking a flight back north that would be sick. Thanks love you both xGood luck in your fishing comp Rudy’s mum! ;)Axel: Hey Mum, Dad, Eric, Nicola, Charlee, Ryan, Gazz, Mill, Quandt, and any others that might be reading. Sorry I haven’t sent a shout out until now. Looking forward to catchups and stories when I get back, having an absolute blast and I hope everything is great back home. Probably getting in on the 25th so will see you all sometime around then, Cya!


1 degrees 40 minutes South / 30 degrees 51 minutes West


Currently located 1600nm from Rio sailing closed haulded under fore and aft sail and experiencing moderate to strong SE winds with a 1m NW swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 21 degrees.