Captain's Log
21 January 2009


Ahoy Shipmates,Everyone was awake and on deck at 0630 this morning for our early morning activity (EMA). Given the spectacular anchorage and the relatively warm conditions it was decided to start the morning with a refreshing ‘wake up swim’ in the crystal clear waters of East Cove. While everyone was in the water Chef Jarrod and his band of helpers had been busy preparing a BBQ breakfast, which was served alfresco style on deck once everyone had exited the water. After breakfast and the normal morning cleaning routine the Boats Officer gave a good presentation on Rules of the Road which was followed by another semi competitive round of rope races. Whilst these activities were underway we had a visit from the volunteer caretakers of the Island who I had previously invited for morning tea and a tour of the Ship. Whilst onboard they gave the YC a very interesting presentation on the history of Deal Island and also discussed their roles as volunteer caretakers. On completion the YC were ferried ashore were they spent the first 30 minutes with their Watch Leaders conducting mid voyage talks followed by 3 hours of free time were they were given the opportunity to either complete the two hour walk to the historic lighthouse, visit the homestead and museum or just laze on the beach and relax in the afternoon sunshine. By 1500 all were safely back onboard and following our normal departure preparations the anchor was weighed and we departed East Cove. Once in open water we brought the ship under all fore and aft sail and shaped a north westerly course for Port Phillip Bay. As this is only our second full night at sea for the voyage the focus for the night watches will be the consolidation of navigation and sailing skills in preparation for the fast approaching Command Day.Highlights of the day1. Early morning swim with rope swing rigged from the course yard2. Walking to the very scenic Deal Island Lighthouse3. Being visited by a pod of dolphins while sitting out on the bowspritUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav  


39°20's / 146°43'e


Currently 18nm to the NW of Deal Island and experiencing light N/NE winds with a 1m swell.