Captain's Log
7 April 2010


Hi Everyone,Following a good nights rest at anchor the Youth Crew arose early to a fine but slightly cool morning. Rather than rush the morning it was decided to conduct a modified set of cleaning stations then rig the rope swing and give everyone the opportunity to have a morning swim prior to getting underway. The rope swing has proven to be popular with both the Youth Crew and the Staff and on occasions we get to witness some impressive acrobatics. Today’s top scores would have to go to Staff Crew members Jarod and Paul who gave great demonstrations on how to do backward somersaults from the swing.By 1000 everyone had exited the water and following a short brief on how to sail the ship from anchor this theory was put into practice and we achieved a ‘text book’ departure from our anchorage utilising only wind, sail and some very good teamwork. Once in open water the ship was brought under a reduced sail plan and we shaped a new course for the Percy Islands. This afternoon I spent some quality time with the Youth Crew imparting some sail theory knowledge and in particular discussing the intricacies of sailing Young Endeavour. Once we had completed sail theory we went straight into a good set of rotational tacks (this activity gives the Youth Crew the opportunity to experience each others tacking station and is a good exercise to complete after sail theory).With these activities complete it time for dinner. Being Sunday the Chef had prepared a traditional Sunday roast with all of the trimmings which was followed by a desert of chocolate mousse.During the night watches tonight the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX which is an initiative, teamwork and communication exercise. Whilst they are undertaking this exercise the ship will continue to make ground to the north and our next anchorage which at this time is planned to be in the Percy Islands.At the moment we are located 40nm to the east of Shoalwater Bay sailing on a broad starboard reach and experiencing moderate south easterly winds.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav 


22°20's / 151°4'e


Currently located 40nm to the east of Shoalwater Bay and experiencing moderate SE winds with a 1m SE swell.