Captain's Log
23 May 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,After Early Morning Activity (EMA) and breakfast this morning, the YC were introduced to the ceremony of colours and a very entertaining morning brief before turning to for their first “Happy Hour” (cleaning stations). At 1000 the lines were cast off and the ship commenced the short pilotage out of the Burnett River (Port of Bundaberg) and out into Harvey Bay. While completing the pilotage out of Bundaberg the YC commenced sail setting and furling drills and by the time YE had reached open water the YC had gained an appreciation of what it is like to set large sails in 20kts of wind. Tacking stations were called at 1530 and the YC proved that they had “hoisted in” the past 24 hours of instruction by successfully completing their first set of well executed tacks as a crew. On completion it time for dinner and for those not feeling seasick it was another memorable meal produced by Chef Chad. While most were enjoying dinner YE shaped course to the north west and the township of 1770 were we will anchor tomorrow morning and support the 1770 Festival (Cooks first landing in QLD). The YC have now commenced their first night of sea watches with the very real expectation that everyone will be called to tacking stations sometime throughout the night.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


24°22's / 152°14'e


Currently 25nm to the north east of Bundaberg and experiencing 15-20kt south easterly winds with a 1.5m swell.