Captain's Log
24 November 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,The YE Crew awoke early this morning to a cool but fine Guichen Bay morning (finally some good weather). Once morning brief and cleaning stations (happy hour) were complete I briefed the YC on how to sail away from anchor and in brilliant conditions the YC successfully completed this evolution, and in doing so, provided the residents of Robe with a great view of the Ship under full sail as we departed Guichen Bay. Early afternoon saw us conduct a set of rotational tacks. This evolution gives the YC the opportunity to experience and gain an appreciation for each others tacking positions and gives them a better understanding of ship management in preparation for the rapidly approaching Command Day. After a short break followed by a set of rope races it was straight into a very good set of demonstrational tacks, this activity gives the YC the opportunity to observe tacking stations from the bridge and from the commands perspective. Once this activity was complete YE altered course to the northwest and adjusted our sail plan for some good down wind sailing. During the night watches tonight the YC will complete both the “Bear Exercise” (initiative and communication exercise) and the “Apples & Onions Exercise”(communications exercise) as the ship continues to make good ground towards the Backstairs Passage and Kangaroo Island, which will be our next anchorage.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


36°36's / 138°55'e


Currently 80nm from the Backstairs Passage and experiencing moderate SE winds with a 1m following sea (great sailing conditions)