Captain's Log
7 May 2009

At Whitehaven Beach

Hi Everyone, Overnight we enjoyed some good sailing averaging a speed of 6kts and covering a distance of 102nm. At morning brief we were located 8nm to the east of the Lindeman Group sailing on a broad port reach still under full plain sail. As the forecast was for the wind to moderate later in the afternoon I took the opportunity to conduct both Demonstrational Tacks and Captain’s Setting and Furling Drills while I still had sufficient wind to do so. On completion of these activities the ship was located 4nm to the west of Whitsunday Island so hands were called to tacking stations and we altered course to the north east and shaped a new course for Solway Passage, which is narrow passage of water located between Whitsunday and Haslewood Islands. Given the perfect conditions I decided to remain under sail for the transit through this picturesque stretch of water and continue to our anchorage at Whitehaven Beach without the use of engines. This was achieved with some very good sail handling from the Youth Crew and at 1500 Young Endeavour sailed quietly into her planned anchorage just of the spectacular Whitehaven Beach. Once at anchor the Youth Crew proceeded aloft to put sea furls on all the sails. On completion of this task the course yard rope swing was rigged and everyone enjoyed a late afternoon swim. This evening we conducted the Apples & Onions exercise (communication exercise) which was followed by the classic tall ship movie ���Around Cape Horn��, which this evening was shown for the first time on deck under the stars utilising a screen and Lite Pro. On completion of the movie a very weary Youth Crew adjourned to their bunks for a well deserved good nights sleep. Tomorrow we will go ashore and enjoy a few hours on the very white sands of Whitehaven Beach.Until Tomorrow, Take Care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


20° 17' South / 149° 3' East


Currently at anchor at Whitehaven Beach and enjoying light SE winds with nil swell.