Captain's Log
15 August 2003

Names are ships to carry dreamers

Situation at 20:00- Last night all hands enjoyed a quiet time at anchor in Coffs Harbour. The shorter watches allowed for the Youth Crew to recoup some of the sleep they lost out on over the previous few days. At today’s morning brief the Salty Sea Dog described the nautical origins of the saying ‘To shake a leg’. She was ablyassisted in this by Navigator Phil and White Watch Leader Shez. There was slim pickins for Engineer Stewy and his scran bag. Nonetheless, the few guilty culprits he did find produced a very impressive volumn of song…and gestures. Today saw one of the fastest happy hours ever. In no time at all the Youth Crew had finished cleaning theirassigned stations and were ready for XO Paige to inspect. After morning tea, Watch Officer Kirstan commenced ferrying all hands> ashore. By 10:30 the Youth Crew and the Staff Crew were competing in beach volleyball, cricket and soccar. I am pleased to report that the Staff Crew remain undefeated in all sports. Well done Brenton for taking charge and coordinating the action.Chef Stony provided a terrific picnic lunch. Despite the chill in the air this was eagerly attacked by the ravenous Youth Crewand there was very little left over to bring back onboard. The Youth Crew ventured into Coffs Harbour to raid the local shops and stretch their legs before returning onboard. Most of them were laiden with bags of lollys when they returned onboard, and looking forward to getting underway once again. At 16:30 we weighed anchor and sailed through the narrow opening and into a 2 metre ground swell and some of the Youth Crew were starting to have second thoughts about thewisdom of eating all the candy they had.As we make ground to the South, we are passing through lines of rain squalls from the passing of yesterday’s cold front. Duringthe night watches, the Youth Crew will conduct the main team building exercise of the voyage prior to command day. They will be given a fixed amount of time to complete a relatively complex task. They willhave no assistance from the Staff Crew and will need to utilise effective communications and a high degree of cooperation if they are to be successful. This is another of a series of challenges that the Youth Crew are presented with as the voyage progresses.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Coffs Harbour was last visited during Voyage 08 of 2003 which was on our north bound passage to Brisbane. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Gasket. A short length of line used to secure a sail to a yard or mast. When using a casket a roundturn and two half hitches is always used to secure our sails.Thought of the Day:Names! The lure in names of places,Stirring thoughts of foreign faces,Ports and places and streamers,Names are ships to carry dreamers.From Distinations” by Don Blamding.Yours


/ 30° 33' South


153° 21' East