Captain's Log
Newcastle to Brisbane
5 February 2019

At Sea Northern NSW Coast

Ahoy there Shipmates,

The day started with a singing ‘Wakey Wakey’ from Red Watch. The 0900 morning brief was again attended by ‘Salty’, who enlightened us with the nautical origins of expressions such as ‘to have someone over a barrel’, ‘Cat’s got your tongue’, ‘Let the Cat out of the bag’ and ‘Not enough room to swing a Cat’. He illustrated these terms using onboared actors of dubious quality. This was followed by Happy Hour and then Watch Officer Jerome gave the crew a presentation on the nautical rule-of -the-road.

After lunch Engineer Reggie held round 2 of ‘Rope Races’. Once blue watch had climbed and cast loose gaskets on the Topsail, for later use, I gave the blueys my Sail Theory presentation.

At 1400 we set all the fore-and-aft sails and the Topsail in preparation for rotational tacks. During this activity we rotate each watch through the tacking station positions and roles of the other two watches. This is done to give them experience in preparations for command day, when the watches will be re-organised.

It is intended that the Ship will remain at sea overnight continuing on passage northwards. During the night the watches will undertake an activity called Apples and Onions’ and continue their sail setting and furling practice.

Until tomorrow.

Yours, aye

Captain Mike


29 16.4' S / 153 27.3' E


Weather: partly cloudy and fine; Wind: ENE at 11 Kn; Swell: Easterly 1.0 m; Temp: 22 deg. C