Captain's Log
15 April 2002

At Sea and Loving It!

Current situation at 1800: We departed Robe at 8pm after three way talks into a brisk southerly. Overnight the YC accomplished some teamwork goals and by the morning we the wind had gone and we were motor sailing towards Bass Strait. All the YC are well and feeling much better for their short visit to land. Most are over the sea sickness. Today we had a sail theory lecture and in the afternoon we had a mammoth period of setting and furling the sails – because we could. Later we had some very enjoyable deck games, courtesy of Rags and Mhandii, until the smellof PIZZA could no longer keep us away from the galley.We’ll keep going like this for another day or so…Command Day is on Wednesday and we are hoping for some wind too.Youth Crew entry by Dave Seiter, 17, Numurkah, Victoria.Hey guys,Currenty I am at sea, and loving it. The crew are a bunch of legends and so are the staff. I think that I may be over the whole seasickness thing but there are many days to go. Currently I am in an elite group of about 6 people who have digested every meal and not brought it back up. Jack and I feel TOUGH. At the moment the weather is fine and we are motor-sailing because we are lacking in wind. I amthe most home sick person on board to my knowledge, missing family and my beautiful girl Dani…Will be home soon to see you guys andhow is school in lazy old Numurkah??Seeya on Sunday Dave.XOXOXO Dani.Youth crew entry by Margi Saunders,18,Townsvcille, QLDHey dudes how you doin? having a great time here, learning lots,missing everyone heaps and loving the food – it’s fantastic. Just wanted to say hi to everyone back home and can’t wait to see you all in a weeks time, hopin you’re all ok. Give Billie my love and tell her i miss her. Anyway gotta go so peace love and happiness alwaystake care, Margi:)oxoStay tuned,Andrew Davis


38° 40' South / 141° 33'


At sea off Portland, motor sailing.Wind - zip, temp 17C