Captain's Log
24 October 2007

At Anchor, Wrest Point, Derwent Estuary

Ahoy Me hearties,Welcome to the last Captain’s log for Voyage 16/07. Today we had a fantastic day, during which we welcomed the Tasmanian Downes Syndrome Association, some families of the staff from Navy Headquarters Tasmaina, and the Graney and Peacock clans onboard for qa half day sail.Unfortuately the wind (that we have had so much of this voyage) deserted us and so even though we managed to get a full press of canvas on today, we didn’t get to sail very far. Even so, we had fun singing all of the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR favourite songs and entertaining our guests.After our guests disembarked at 1315, we completed harbour furling the square sails, stored ship, and then each watch went ashore for a coffee and completed their end of voyage debrief. Tonight we are having a BBQ dinner, followed by the ship’s concert and our last night together as a crew.As V16/07 draws to a close, it is nice to e able to say what a great time we had together…Until next voyage, Shipmates,Yours Aye,Chris Chris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


42° 54' South / 147° 20' East


Wind SE 10-15 knots, clear and cool