Captain's Log
3 February 2000

At anchor Whangaroa Harbour

Yesterday afternoon both Spirit of NZ and Young Endeavour motor sailed in light conditions to our anchorage at Whangaroa Harbour. The local coastline is very beautiful and the sighting of whales and porpoises along the way was a treat. At 1800 both ships entered through a very narrow passage into the fiord-like harbour. The harbour is perfect giving shelter from all wind directions and without doubt must be the prettiest anchorage that I have ever visited. It is absolutely stunning with high rocky hills surrounding the bay and vegetation quite lush and tropical. My words cannot do it justice.In the evening ‘three way’ talks were conducted giving everybody greater insight of the youth crew’s personalities. This was a lot of fun.Our Kiwi friends from the Spirit warned us that the Spirit had been known to send raiding parties to other boats at night and we could expect similar treatment. Rather than wait for this to occur a pre-emptive strike in self defence was ordered and the cunning plans committee set to work.A flag depicting a kangaroo and less than happy kiwi was drawn by the Youth Crew. This in turn was taken across to Spirit at 0100 in the morning. We had intelligence on their rounds routines and our two intrepid raiders managed to slip onboard and then escape undetected having hoisted the flag on Spirits foremast. Mission Impossible eat your heart out!At sunrise the flag was still proudly flying in Spirit and was not discovered and hauled down until 0900 this morning. Victory is sweet, although knowing New Zealanders as I do, I’m sure we are in for a reprisal before this voyage is out.Both youth crews are currently ashore having climbed to one of the local peaks overlooking the bay. I’m sure the view is grand and the two square-rigged ships gently riding at their anchors will make a great kodak moment. After lunch both ships will weigh anchor and head out to sea to conduct some sail drills and it is likely that we will make our way towards the Bay of Islands this evening.


35° 1' South / 173° 45'


Wind 240/10, Temp 22, blue skies