Captain's Log
26 March 2006

At Anchor, Sandringham, Port Philip Bay

Ahoy Shipmates,Another great couple of Young Endeavour days on Port Philip – Let’shear what Youth Crew Tom has to say…Gday gday from Young Endeavour. We’ve spent the last few days recuperating from the swells of bass strait. Coming through the rip at half past ten friday evening, I was on watch and saw our speed drop considerably as we ran against tide and wind. it was definitely a bit different from our first passage through the rip, everyone was really sad to say goodbye to the heaving of the sea…Meanwhile the last two days have been awesome, basically a pleasure cruise (with some sail drill as well).We relaxed in sunny Safety Beach, played some beach games and walked to Dromana. then it was back on board for a bbq and some swimming… swimming from the boat is really REALLY good, and the amount of people who come up to have a look at the ship reminds me of how lucky we are to be experiencing this voyage.Today we ran through safety drills and the captain said that we were safe enough to be trusted on Command Day… which is tomorrow! if yousee news of a runaway tall ship causing havoc with shipping in Port Philip tomorrow then you know who to blame.Wish us luck with Command Day, and a good nights sleep tomorrow!TomUntil tomorrow,Yours Aye,Chris Chris GallowayLieutenant Commander, RANCommanding Officer


37° 57' South / 144° 59' East