Captain's Log
14 March 2010

At Anchor Port Arthur

Hi everyone, At sunrise this morning we were located 7nm to the north of Tasman Island sailing close hauled under fore and aft sails and experiencing light-moderate north westerly winds. Given the perfect conditions I decided to transit through the narrow passage which separates Tasman Island and Cape Pillar. This occurred at 0800 and gave the Youth Crew the opportunity to view some spectacular scenery, which included the rock formations known as the Organ Pipes and the sighting of a large seal colony which is located on Tasman Island. Once through this passage and back in the open waters of Storm Bay we completed demonstrational tacks followed by Captains setting and furling drills. These are the final two practical activities leading up to Command Day. On completion of these drills we entered Port Arthur and proceeded to anchor in Carnarvon Bay. Once safely at anchor the Youth Crew were ferried ashore and given two hours to stroll around the historic penal settlement of Port Arthur. On their return to the Ship I conducted Command Day brief which was closely followed by Command Team elections. This evening we enjoyed another teak deck BBQ dinner then again ferried everyone ashore so that they could experience the infamous Port Arthur Ghost Tour. Tomorrow morning at 1100 I will hand command of Young Endeavour over to the Youth Crew of Voyage 06-10 who will then have the huge challenge of running the ship for 24hours.Please find attached Log entry from RossyUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavTo Mama EleneHappy 55th Birthday!!!! Hope all is well up in the hot ���n�� humid North. Things are beyond unreal here! We’ve sailed (& occasionally motored) North on the Eastern side of tazzy up about as North as good ol Wineglass Bay��_��_It looks like a wine glass. Coldest Water I’ve been in too! We landed there and walked to another Bay via a ridge. The land was most welcome as day 3 saw myself and most of the other Youth Crew singing to the ocean with our stomachs for several hours. Even this was an awesome part of the voyage. We’ve seen seals, dolphins, slugs and bugs and have become swashbuckling sea thugs. Buster say’s Errrrrrr.Youth Crew is great to work with & personalities shine in good times��_.& Spew times.The Staff are perfectly suited to the job, being big kids themselves. Although somewhat knowledgeable.Tonight (14th) we are anchored at Port Arthur & currently awaiting to be transported ashore for an eerie, Hair raising ghost tour.Wish us luck and until we meet again��_��_��_��_..Arrrrr!Ahoy There!Shiver Me Timbers!Nice Lines Fore & Aft!Love B & Crew of Voyage 6/10 on Young Endeavour


43° 8' South / 147° 51' East


Currently at anchor at Port Arthur and experiencing very light NW winds with nil swell.