Captain's Log
30 September 2006

At Anchor, Port Arthur

Ahoy Shipmates – we have just dropped anchor in historic Port Arthur after a frustrating night of contrary winds and tacks in the dark. To tell you all about it, here is YC Sarah:Hey everyone, man was last night insane we tacked twice through out the night and not once did we tack during the time in which i was on watch which meant red watch had to get up at various times through out the night and then again at 4 in the morning!!!! blue and white had it easy..we’ve been expericing some pretty cool weather with some amazing waves. at the moment me and my ship mates are spending some quality happy our cleaning time. fun fun fun.later were going to be particapating in round 5 of rope races and then head into the wonderful town of port arthur…Hey guys me again and what an amazing day. After a delicious lunch from Simon we went a shore to have a chat with ourwatches and discuss the good and not so good points about the way we work as a team. Then wipps provided us with some games to fill in the afternoon then a few of the youth crew headed back on board to watch the grandfinal, while the rest enjoyed a lovely walk around Port Arthur and a cruise. Now we’re filling our stomachs with a bbq. Thanx Horto. This evening will be scared to death on the famous ghost tour thats all for now cheers from the young endevour crew.p.s hey daddy missing you lots having a great time can’t wait to tell you all about it love sarah xxx Thanks Sarah, sound like a fun day!Tomorrow we will sail straght after morning brief and head across Storm Bay (the name says it all) to the southern end of the Dentrcasteaux Channel in preparation for Command Day. The winds are forecast to be from the North at 20-30 knots, so it should be a great sail.Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours AyeChris Chris GallowayLieutenant Commander, RANCommanding Officer


43° 0' South / 147° 51' East


Wind: SE at 15 knots, sea calm, weather overcast with occasional showers.