Captain's Log
3 July 2006


After a relaxing swim and some beach sports opposite the Dunk Islandresort it was time to move to our own private island for a BBQ dinnerand Command Day elections. On completion of elections and the sereneboat ride back to the ship, it was time to watch the only movie ofthe voyage.This morning started with the offer of a swim and a BBQ breakfast atmidships. It’s now almost time to hand the ship over to the YouthCrew for Command Day…Mick – Youth Crew CaptainWell here we go, 24 hours of Youth Crew command of the YoungEndeavour. Looking around the Command Team there are a lot ofnervous faces and butterflies as we prepare to sail from Dunk Islandto Cairns. The Staff have provided us with a further 19 tasks tocomplete during the sail ranging from drawing a chalk mural of ouradventures on the deck to pulling on the hand brake to do a lap ofFitzroy Island.The command team for the voyage is:X.O – JuzzyWatch Officer – Tommy Top GunsNavs – Dr Jess and AnnaWatch Leaders – Nick, Tam and JesseCookies – Vanessa, Ryan and AlexHopefully the next day will be filled with laughs a plenty as thecrack squad of Youth Crew guide the Young Endeavour to Cairns.Tally Ho from YEUntil tomorrow…Ian Hibbard LEUT, RANCaptain V10/06


17° 55' South / 146° 8' East


Looking Fine