Captain's Log
17 July 2006

At anchor off Aerlie Beach

After an enjoyable night last night – the last before Command Day, we arrived in the Whitsunday Island group. Guess what…It was raining again!After setting and furling drills in the forenoon, the ship came to anchor off Airlie Beach. Lunch over it was time to go ashore for some coffee, coke, chocolate and some more of the latter. After returning to the ship Speedy (the chef) won the hearts and minds of all on board with his famous pizza night. From there it was onto Command Day elections…Below comments from some of the Youth Crew:ThomasOn the 8th day of V11/06 the Young Endeavour anchored off Airlie beach for a well deserved break and the youth crew took the opportunity to take in some of the sights on offer, with many also using the time to contact friends and family at home. Not that we were missing them!! the previous few days sailing had seen the ship visit beautiful Hinchinbrook and Magnetic island which would have to rate as two of the highlights of the trip. The next few days will hopefully bring some sunshine and fresh challenges for the youth crew of the ship.Jordan The break that we are experiencing now whilst being anchored off Airlie Beach is enormously appreciated. Thanks to a great captain Hibbo we get a chance to relax for a little. The meals on board are terrific with compliments going to the great chef Speedy. Sammi our watch leader is always there for a laugh and it is great to be a part of her team. It is great to be a part of the youth crew on board and I couldn’t be having a better time. MeganWow Command Day is nearly upon us! And the funniest part is that yours truely has fluked the position of captain =phaha nah seriously I am absolutely stoked! The weather around here is great; except for the rain, lack of wind in a favouable direction, and the occasional swell. Elections tonight were tense and everyone was keen to get one of the 10 positions available.l Tomorrow promises to be full of excitement! One of my personal tasks is to update this log so I’ll be sure to let you all know how we go! Bye for now. Until tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


20° 15' South / 148° 43' East


Rain, rain and more rain. Wind S'ly 5-10 kts