Captain's Log
27 July 2007


Ahoy Shipmates,Voyage 12 is off to a great start with an excited Youth Crew joining late yesterday at Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach. We set sail at 1600, and made it to anchor here at 1730. Enroute we got to meet each other, had one of Chad’s awesome dinners, and then settled in for first climb. Everyone made it 30m to the topgallant yard, including my father-in-law Brian, along for the voyage (Thanks Diedre – I’m sure I will cop it from you later on…). We all had a good sleep overnight in the calm and quiet waters of Nara Inlet.This morning started bright and early at 0630 with Early Morning Activity, breakfast, and “colours”, where we hoist the flag. Following colours and morning brief (complete with Simon’s thought for the day – “Never pat a burning dog…”) we got heavily into “happy hour”, which continues as I write. There is something beautiful about the sound of Youth Crew cleaning…Today is a pretty big day – by suunset this evening we need to get to the stage where we can tack the ship as a crew – this will involve a very heavy full on day of sail handling drills and “learning the ropes”.The voyage plan is to get out to sea, and make as much ground to the south as possible. The problem is that we will be sailing to windward, which is usually pretty hard work. I’m sure we will see the onset odf sea sickness before too long!Until tomorrow, team,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


20°8's / 148°54'e


Wind - South East 15-20 knots, clear and 22 degrees C.