Captain's Log
18 June 2006

At Anchor, Middle Percy Island

From Youth Crew Captain JessCurrently at anchor off Middle percy Island. The last 24hours included a stop over to Great Keppel Island for mid-voyage group meetings and an experience of ‘silent sailing’. On Great Kepel the youth crew divided into their three watch groups to discuss and evaluate the progress so far, give positive and negative feedback and give suggestions for areas of improvement. The ‘Silent Sailing’ exercise last night at aproximatly 1945 involved the shutdown all engines inlcuding the generator which allowed us to observe only the waves, creaking of the boat and numerous stars for a complete hour. During forenoon today the youth crew were allocated setting and furling drills on different sails whith no staff input. The aim was to check the saftey of our procedures and ensure everyone knew what they personaly need to work on. This was a key excersize in enusring maximum saftey will be practised on Command Day. As Command Day approaches tomorrow, preperations were made this afternoon on Middle Percy Island Beach. The youth crew designed and ran an election process to determine the key roles every youth member will play during the 24 hours of Command Day. Without any input from staff, the youth crew nominated one captain, two Second-in-comands, two navigators, three watch leaders, three chefs and the watch groups. We also decided matters such as what hours we will run our watches to.Command day will commence at 1300 on 19/06/06 and run until 1300 on 20/06/06. The staff will not have any input during this time and the Young Endeavour wil be run entirely by the 24 Youth crew. We will be given specific areas to pass through and must navigate our way to and reach a final destination of anchorage close to Mackay by 1300, completing several exercises on the way.Umtol tomorrowJessYouth Crew Captain


21° 39' South / 150° 14' East


Wind South Easterly 15-20 knotsSea calm