Captain's Log
1 June 2007


Ahoy Me Hearties,Another great day in Voyage 07/07 – to tell you all about it, here is YC Daniel:Hello everyone and those who will look back at this log in the future!Yesterday we left Great Keppel Island and headed North once again for Percy Island which we reached just after mid day today.Last night went smoothly, with all watch groups confident in the jobs which need doing during their watch, including rounds, navigation and steering the ship.This morning we had a sailing test with the “Boss”, Captain Chris, just to make sure we are ready for the Command Day tomorrow, when we will be soley responsible for the entire ship for 24 hours. It rained all morning and soaked everyone down to their socks but, we were successful and proved ourselves to be capable for the undertaking.We reached Percy Island and went ashore for beach games and to check out the “Percy Hilton” (It was still raining). An old large A-framed building, the Hilton has been visited by 1000’s of sea goers and holds hundreds of plaques and ornamentals saying when they came and where they’re from. We left a couple of our own also.The crew is bonding strongly, and are continusously more confident in their abilities. We are all slightly nervous about Command Day, but hold the knowledge to get through it. A few of us are missing home, but know we will arrive back soon.Wish us luck! CheersDanny


21°39's / 150°15'e


Wind ESE 15-20 Knots, Weather squalls and showers, cool.