Captain's Log
16 November 2007

At Anchor, Largs Bay

Today the youth crew completed their command day. Unfortunately the lack of wind did not allow them to fully test all the new skills they had learned but nonetheless they made the most of the day and successfully brought the ship safely to anchor in Largs Bay a short distance from Adelaide.Here is the youth crew’s summary of the second half of their command day.Yours Aye,Captain BobToday was very busy for the youth crew leading the last half of Command Day. Firstly we would like to give an honourable mention to the chefs for all the delicious food but also a dishonourable mention as they seem to be fattening us up for Christmas dinner ��� mmmm! 0000hrs ��� 0400hrsThe dog watch was Sarah’s ���Shark Watch�� including Sam, Nicola, Aidan, Snowie, Brendan and Jimmy. They kept the ship on course to a ���T�� but were let down by the wind and had to create their own wind through use of the engines. The night was warm and starry with the moon a shade of red and the usual dolphins guiding us on our way.0400hrs ��� 0800hrsThis shift entailed Kyall’s ���Kinky Watch�� including Natalie, Nat, Aaron, Jen, Bez, Alex, Anthony and Cass with the help of Jimmy doing a terrific job putting 11 sails up to bring in points for Command Day. 0800hrs ��� 1200hrsThis shift was done by Ciara and Nicole’s ���Whale Watch�� made up of Scottie, Melody, Andrew, Victoria, Jeremy and Cath who all did a fantastic job of keeping watch of the ship, with most of their shift taken up by tasks entitled to earn more Command Day points.Major tasks involved a BAT (Beach Assault Task) with the objective to row the dinghy to shore at Port Adelaide, plant the Australian flag and round up as many civilians as possible to stand around the flag and sing the Australian National Anthem. 12 civilians were sucked into doing this which was a great effort by the BAT team.We had a Teddy Bear Picnic on deck for our themed lunch in the quest to earn more points and overall made a fine looking bunch of bears!Our final task was building a hammock which could hold the crew and staff. This was just about achieved, holding 30 people before breaking!!!Every individual on this mighty fine tall ship did a great job of commanding the ship for 24 hours with the event being a complete success.The reward ��� going ashore at Largs Bay for a few hours to shop, drink coffee and swim!!!We would like to send our love to all our friends and family and let you all know that we are having the time of our lives.Love from the Youth Crew.


34° 49' South / 138° 29' East


calm, clear skies.