Captain's Log
V07/18 Melbourne to Eden
25 March 2018

At Anchor King Island

Hi Everyone,                           Welcome to day four of our voyage. The wind remained light and variable this morning which meant the use of main engines as we made good speed down the east coast of King Island.At 0930 we entered Grassy Harbour coming safely to anchor just to the southwest of the breakwater where we were well protected from the low pressure system and gale force winds that were forecast to pass over King Island and Bass Strait early this afternoon.Once safely at anchor we conducted a good set of cleaning stations (Happy Hour) which was followed by an early lunch. After we had cleaned up from lunch the Youth Crew were ferried ashore where they were met by a bus and tour guide who had been pre-booked for a tour of the Island. During the 4hrs that followed the Youth Crew got to visit the famous King Island Cheese Factory and lesser known Kelp Factory, learn about the history of King Island and got to visit the Islands main town of Currie where I am sure that the local shops appreciated the extra business on an extremely blustery and wet Sunday afternoon.This evening with everyone safely back onboard we conducted a round of ‘Three Way Chats’ (Getting to know each other and public speaking activity) which was followed by the Navigators brief on how to keep the ship safe when at anchor.The time is now 2030 and the Youth Crew have settled into anchor watches overnight ensuring that they are well rested for the busy day’s ahead.The worst of this weather should pass over King Island and Bass Strait overnight so it is our intention to depart King island tomorrow morning and sail east to Wilson’s Promontory which given the forecasted favourable winds should take us about 24hrs of good sailing.  Until tomorrow evening, take care. Yours AyeCaptain Gav


40 04.2 S / 144 03.2 E


Currently we are anchored in Grassy Harbour and experiencing very strong 20-30kt SSW winds with a .2m swell and a temperature of a cool 13 degrees.