Captain's Log
9 March 2005

At anchor in Semaphore anchorage off of

1. Situation at 21:00 – 2. After a quiet night at anchor, all hands were called on deck at06:30 for early morning activity. Because the day’s program was chock-a-block full of activities, this was limited to a quick jog and asnappy game before the Youth Crew turned to for breakfast.3. The ship weighed anchor proceeded alongside the Adelaide outerharbour, arriving there at 09:00. Before long our guests for the daywere onboard and we were once again underway for the half-day sail.Our guests included 20 young Australians who, because of a physicalor mental disability, are not able to participate in a full 10-dayvoyage. The Youth Crew acted as hosts for our guests and were able toshow off their knowledge of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. All hands got into thespirit of the day and contributed in making a lasting and veryfavourable impression on our guests from the South Australia AutismAssociation. After experiencing life in a tallship and observingfirst hand what a terrific group of young Australians the Youth Crewis, our guests disembarked at 13:00.4. Once the ship was safely back in the anchorage, the Youth Crewlaid aloft to neatly furl the sails in preparation for the harbourentry tomorrow. The end-of-voyage debriefs were next on the schedule.Facilitated by the Staff Crew, the members of each watch identifiedtheir highlights and lowlights of the voyage. They also related whatthey learned and what they hope to take away from the YOUNG ENDEAVOURexperience to use in their everyday lives.5. The highlight of the evening was the ship’s concert. Despite abrisk wind across the deck, the Staff Crew and each watch presentedan original act that represented some aspect of the voyage. The rangeof talent displayed was quite amazing and all hands enjoyed aterrific event.6. The Youth Crew have just completed their end-of-voyagequestionnaires and other administration. The questionnaires providethe Staff Crew with customer feedback and help ensure that the youthdevelopment program continues to evolve in a manner that is relevantto our cliental. Overnight the Youth Crew will, for one finaltime, stand sea watches. They will be able to use this time tocomplete their watch’s page in the ship’s scrapbook and to say anextended farewell to one another.7. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The T’Gallant Staysail and the MainStaysail are collectively known as the’ ‘tween mast Staysails’. Theyprovide a large amount of drive (or speed) and are carried in windsup to 25 knots and 40 knots respectively.8. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Foot Ropes – Lines slung under the yardson which the crew stand when working on the yards. Braces – Linessecured to the yard arms and used to brace (swing around) the yardsin order to adjust the angle between the square sails and the wind.One brace is connected to the end (yardarm) of each yard.9. Thought of the Day: Each time a man stands up for an ideal, oracts to improve the lot of the rest or strikes out against injustice,he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from amillion different centres of energy and daring, these ripples build acurrent that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression andresistance. Robert F Kennedy.Yours, AyeJohn CowanCMDR, RANGood day from Andrew and Tash, the birthday buddies writing alongwith David. What a fine day it was kicking off with an early sixo’clock rise. This was to prepare the vessel for our special visitorswhom we took for a half day sail around the port. Today we were ableshow the skills that we had learnt to our visitors and allow them toparticipate in the sailing of the Young Endeavour. We consumed largedoughnuts and enjoyed entertaining our guests. After being exhaustedfrom a highly rememerable morning we retired the ship to theoutskirts of Port Adelaide, where we debriefed, evaluating the voyagewhich seemed to have a extraordinary positive outcome. However as thejourney draws to a close each second is spent wondering where thefuture lies for us. GANG and JULES, the two Canberra crew onboard,wish to say ‘Hello to everybody back home and we’ll see you soon.JULES hopes her dad has stayed out of the chocolate bin and her mumisn’t working to hard. GANG says hello snugh. TASH says hi to mum,dad and Wita and Sarah and Dan and I will see you all on Friday.All the crew wish to send their love to their families and eachother. We will see you when we get home. XXX


1° 1' South / 1° 1' East


Wind: Sou'East at 15 kts, Temp:16c, Cloud: 1/8.