Captain's Log
8 March 2005

At anchor in Semaphore anchorage off Adelaide

1. Situation at 21:002. Yesterday proved to be an amazing experience for the Youth Crew ofvoyage 04/05. After a brief ceremony where command of YOUNG ENDEAVOURwas formally handed to Captain Johnny, the anchor was weighed andYouth Crew set sail for Adelaide. Over the next 24 hours they usedall of the skills they have learned onboard and sailed the ship 80nautical miles, completing most of the tasks they had been assignedalong the way. They needed to draw heavily upon teamwork andeffective communications in order to coordinate their efforts andachieve their mission.3. At 14:00 this afternoon the anchor was let go and command daycame to an end. The Youth Crew were tired but justifably proud oftheir achievement. The next activity was the command day debrief.This is an open and frank analysis of what had occurred over the past24 hours. Facilitated by the Staff Crew, each member of the YouthCrew were asked to identify how they felt the day went. The aim ofthe debrief is to try and identify those attributes that they saw asbeing positive and contributed to the success of command day, and toseek ways to transfer them to their everyday lives after the voyageends. The debrief proved to be very valuable and will hopefullycontribute to the development of each individual member of the YouthCrew long after they leave YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.4. After supper, the Salty Sea Dog Phil answered the most frequentlyasked question of the voyage… what is the origin oftwo…six…heave? The answer was quite animated and involvedtropical fruit, Vikings and sparklers. Thanks Sally…you are a womanof high calibre.5. Overnight the Youth Crew will stand anchor watches. They have somelost sleep to catch up on prior to another busy day tomorrow when 30guests will embark for a half-day sail.6. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The ship was christened on 02 June 1987by Her Royal Highness the Duchness of Kent, at Brooke YachtsShipyard, Lowestoft England. His Royal Highness Prince Phillip isamongst the thousands of guests worldwide who have sailed in YOUNGENDEAVOUR.7. YOUNG ENDEANOUR Glossary: Cutwater – The area of a vessel’s bowwhere it meets the waterline. Gantline – A halyard used to hoistpeople, gear and tools aloft. It is often rove near the masthead.8. Thought of the Day: The pursuit of excellence is gratfying andhealthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating and neurotic. It’salso a terrible waste of time. Author unknown.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan,CMDR, RANHEY EVERYBODY,THIS IS JULZ AND I’M 22 YEARS OLD. I’VE BEEN HAVING THE TIME OF MYLIFE ON THE YOUNG ENDEANOUR. I’VE SAILED A TALL SHIP WITH FELLOW CREWMEMBERS FROM PORTLAND TO ADELAIDE. IN THE BEGINNING I KNEW NO ONE ANDNOW I MADE SO MANY NEW FRIENDS ITS BEEN GREAT.I’LL RECOMMEND IT FOREVERYONEHey Guys, Hows everyone going? I’m having the best time, and yes, Ihave climbed up the mast, but not all the way. I’ve been a bit seasick, well, for the first 6 or so days but I’m all better now…. :D.Anyways, tomorrow, we are taking a group of disabled kids out and fora half day sail, should be fun.Anyways, I miss my bed real bad and all I want is sleep and to seeeveryone again, oh and chocolate and subway. So I’ll go now and seeyou in a couple of days.Love Kestrel, MilduraHey Mum, Dad and Shaun how’s the farm going? I’m still having such agreat time it’s soooo fun, we’re always kept busy. Yesterday we tookcommand on the ship for 24 hours and handed the ship back over to thecrew today. We ran the ship and did everything ourselves and wemanaged to get into Adelaide on time. I climbed the mast today rightup to the very top and I also climbed the main mask and tied down themain sail. Tomorrow, we have a group of disabled people coming onboard for half the day and we get to show them around, I’m reallyexcited about it. Anways I love you and miss you all lots. See you onThursday. Love Emma, Jerilderie


1° 1' South / 1° 1' East


Wind: Sou'East at 12 kts, Temp 19c, Cloud: 1/8.