Captain's Log
4 March 2000

At Anchor in Refuge Cove

Noon SaturdayYesterday afternoon we were focused on making best ground to windward and into shelter at Refuge Cove where we arrived at 1830. The afternoon was also spent with a lecture on ���Rule of the Road’ at sea. After our arrival at Refuge Cove we settled down for our first rest since departing Sydney, having covered some 500 nautical miles. Always something to learn though and the evening was taken up with an anchor watch lecture and the Youth Crew were provided with an insight into days of yore with a video of a four-masted barque’s voyage around Cape Horn. Then it was into anchor watches and an opportunity to catch up on some sleep.Bright and chirpy this morning, after a spot of deck aerobics before breakfast, we put on our hiking boots for a climb to Kersopp Peak at 222 metres for spectacular views of the rugged terrain and our stalwart vessel snugly sheltered in one of my favourite spots in Australia.After lunch we sailed from anchor and have been busy with yet more tacks, this time teaching Youth Crew how to control the ship from the bridge.The Sailing Masters calling ���Hands to tacking stations’ again. Gotta go. Cap’n Bob.


39° 2' South / 147° 21'


Clear skies and wind from SSW 15 knots. Temp 18 degrees. Refuge Cove is a very picturesque cove on the eastern side of Wilson's Promontory.