Captain's Log
16 October 2008

At Anchor in Jervis Bay

Ahoy Shipmates, Sunrise this morning found YOUNG ENDEAVOUR 10nm to the north east of Jervis Bay motor sailing due to the lack of wind. At 0800 we entered Jervis bay and proceeded straight to our planned anchorage at Montagu Roads coming to anchor at 0845. Following morning brief and a very thorough set of cleaning stations (happy hour) the rope swing was rigged and everyone enjoyed a swim in the cool but crystal clear waters of Jervis Bay. These waters must have mystical healing powers because it was a Youth Crew completely cured of seasickness that exited the water and made their way to lunch were they devoured everything that the Chef put in front of them. After lunch it was straight into another set of rope races followed by an enthralling Rule of the Road lecture given by the Boats Officer. At 1400 everyone was ferried ashore to Long Beach were they spent the rest of the afternoon playing beach sports and enjoying a good leg stretch. This evening we enjoyed the first of our ���teak deck BBQ’s�� for this voyage which was followed by a very entertaining session of three way talks. As this is our first night at anchor since departing Sydney all watches have been reduced to anchor watches for the night allowing both YC and staff the opportunity to get a good nights sleep, ensuring that everyone was well rested for the days ahead. Please find attached Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav Youth Crew Entry Hiya Family and Friends that are keeping up to date with our progress, we are currently on day 4��_. Today has definitely been the highlight so far with the 90% of people with sea sickness (Yay.. I didn’t get sick!!) not slumped over the sides anymore. We are currently at anchor at Jarvis Bay and we are blessed with fantastic weather making it here on our 4am-8am watch this morning (So I was starting the day for once with you dad ). We have just got back from an arvo on the beach playin volleyball and swimming. I am doing surprisingly well but missing everyone lots.. Oh and boys I hope you guys didn’t go to Wednesday pub night without me !! Dad I am eating well with the chef on board cooking wicked food.. its fantastic.. I best be off we are having a BBQ on deck tonight so I will try and post again in a few days ��_ I am very tired and exhausted but I am really enjoying myself but been thinking of everyone all the time.Speak to you soon hopefully (no phone ).. love you all and missing you lots.. give the boys a hug and kiss for me��_.Love bunches Carolyn xoxox Hey to the nations capital. It has been totally awesome so far even though most of us were slumped over the side of the ship puking our guts for the first few days. Kelsey was lucky enough to christen the voyage V15/08 by being the first to puke. (Those bracelets DID NOT work!!! I want my money back) and I have been the sickest onboard so far. Right now we are all emersed in a highly interactive game on deck involving cards and crazy animal noises. The dominating Canberrans have been lucky enough to meet lots of new and interesting people, and therefore making lots of new friends. So don’t expect us home on the weekends.  Funnily enough those friendships become very close when doing the 12:00am ��� 4:00am watch��_. In the freezing cold, choppy weather. Today has been the best day, by far. No puking, but rather lazying on the deck and a private beach in Jervis Bay! Which is utterly beautiful. We are lucky enough to have Cap’n Gav cook us a BBQ dinner tonight��_ should be ���interesting�� lol, love you Gav! First night aboard we were lucky enough to climb to the topgallant yard (look that one up!) at midnight (yes mum I told you that we would be climbing on the first night!!!) and enjoyed the lovely lightning in Sydney Harbour, including the bridge. Red watch rules, we love you FRED! No Kelsey, White Watch totally rules, ha ha no one loves blue watch! Having a FANTASTIC, AWESOME, BREATHTAKING experience, and really looking forward to this next week! Excited about taking command in a few days and really seeing what this ship, ���Young Endeavour�� is made of!!  Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you back in Canberra��_ just kept you for last because your so important. Can’t wait to see you and tell you all our stories. Looking forward to getting to Eden so that we can say that we sailed a tall ship from Sydney to Eden with little, to no experience before hand. Missing you and love you all heaps.Signing out, until next time Kelsey and Hannah (Miley) XoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxP.S say hi to everyone for usHello Newcastle,So far the trip has been unreal. Would you believe that I actually am one of the few who haven’t been seasick!!!! Shocking I know. I have how ever got bruises up my shins and on my arm as being unco on a ship in rough seas leads to lots of falls and crashing into walls.I have climbed the mast and was terrified in doing so but it was unreal. I will have to explain in more detail when I get home.We are having a cruisey because up until now it has been lots of hard work and very little sleep. We’re are about to have a BBQ on the deck.You know I’m not good at the writing messages so I will leave it hear but I love and miss you all millions. Cant wait to talk to everyone again, didn’t realise how much I depended on talking to all of you when ever I wanted or needed.With Truck loads of love,Rharni xxooGday family,It’s been a cracker so far. Everything I was after in the first couple of days. Big seas, and wild weather. I’m stoked! Steep learning curve but the penny is really startin to drop. Unbelievable experience and already well worth my hard earned. I’ve learnt to tack and wear the ship, navigate, climbed the mast to the topgallant, and I haven’t felt a whisker of seasickness. Mum I’m pretty sure I told you we’d be in Eden on Wednesday but turns out its actually Thursday. I dunno how I buggered that one up. Hope it doesn’t throw a spanner in the works.Finally I wish a very happy engagement to Nomes and Heath for Sat. Wish I could be there. Hope you have as much fun as I am having here. See ya in a week!Pete Hey folks! Everything is great here. I have more bruises than I can count, but they have all been well earned: climbing, falling, pulling, winching��_ life on the sea is the life for me. The food is amazing and it has stayed in my guts which is a miracle. Special shout out to Scotto (GO Medium!), Ad and Cam (hope the trip is going well) and Steve (this trip is the BEST ��� you get full brownie points for pushing me to apply). X Nina


35° 1' South / 150° 46' East


Currently at anchor in Jervis Bay and experiencing very light NE winds.