Captain's Log
20 December 2007


Ahoy Shipmates!Well, another Command Day has been and gone, and the Youth Crew for V21/07 have successfully managed to get us to anchor in Sydney Harbour right next to the Opera House.To tell you about part 2 of Command Day, here is Youth Crew Captain Liam:AHOY THERE! its captain Liam here to tell you about the second part of our command was a cold night last night when it was time for me to take the bridge at 12pm.I was a bit nervous when i started but seemed to pull through fine.After setting a course we were off and sailing but soon hit trouble when the wind changed and we headed for land but after awhile and a bit help from our engines we set of again in search for was a slow trip but soon picked up on the home stretch when the wind seemed to be on our side.we set the sails and cruised down the harbour it was a bit of a tight squeeze with all the other ships but we made it here safe parked right next to the Sydney opera house.After we dropped anchor and settled in for a relaxing afternoon with a bit of swimming and a BBQ on board.With everyone relaxed we are all looking forward to our half day sail tomorow and with the good weather it should be a good night to just hang out as a youth crew. see you all soon – youth crew Captain Liam.Until tomorrow…


33°52's / 151°13'e


Wind NNE 15-20 Knots, sea choppy, partly cloudy and warm.