Captain's Log
3 October 2006

At Anchor, Derwent River

Ahoy Me Hearties,Command Day is now over, but to tell you how it finished up, here is Captain of Team Bass, Jonno:The early hours of command were challanging. The wind was in the same direction, however was highley unreliable in speed. We began by correctin our direction and diving in to a tack at 1:30 am. Good wind helped us along before fading late around 4am. Wakey wakey was conducted at 7am to an highly original manner. Our day started off with brief to the crew, that included warming reditions of Advance Australia Fair. With a crusing speed of 1 knot and poor wind, we set about setting many sails. This was to limited success and our target of reaching hobart was dissapearing. We went under motors to port.We were challenged with navigation into hobart and made excellent course. This was followed by some australian spirit by our brave youth crew of six that made it to land by rowing to sing the national anthem with as many locals as they could. Thanks to a patriotic football team, training to help us spreas some spirit. We ended out day with a great BBQ and another leasurely climb aloft. happy daysJonno


42° 53' South / 147° 20' East


wind SE 15-20