Captain's Log
28 June 2007

At Anchor, Cleveland Bay

This morning the youth crew awoke to something they hadn’t seen all voyage ��� a sunrise! With the rising of the sun and concurrent lifting of spirits, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR quickly prepared to depart our anchorage at Magnetic Island and motor to Townsville Harbour to embark some special guests for the half day sail.Our half day sail today was glorious for sailing, if a little chilly. We welcomed guests from the Cootharinga Society, SOLAS, Kirwan Rehabilitation Unit, and the Transitional Accommodation Support Program. These groups support Australians with physical and intellectual disabilities, mental illness and those preparing to return home from acute mental health facilities.We also welcomed the Honourable Peter Lindsay, the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, and Commander Chris Galloway, the Commanding Officer of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.The half day sail was a great success, with everyone onboard enjoying sailing. Many of our guests braved their fear of heights and layed aloft the fore-mast for a commanding view of the region. We also enjoyed a magnificent feast of cream buns, donuts, sushi, sausage rolls, lamingtons and so on. On completion of the half day sail, the youth crew assisted in storing ship for the next voyage. I think they were amazed at how much food they had eaten during their voyage, and also at how Chad manages to hide all the food away when it is stowed below.With light winds in the harbour, the youth crew harbour furled the square sails in preparation for our arrival tomorrow. Harbour furls are a neat way of rolling up the square sails such that a protective cover shields the sails from damage by ultra-violet rays.We are now at anchor just off Townsville enjoying a seafood buffet and BBQ as the sun sets Halifax Bay to the west. We will shortly witness the artistic talents of the youth crew with the performance of SOD’s Opera ��� a fine tradition in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR where each watch, and the staff, present a short play or skit. The night promises to be amusing indeed.Yours AyePhil GadenLieutenant, RANR’The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.’ Bertrand RussellYouth Crew ImpressionsSean, 17, CanberraHey outside world. Today we had great sunny weather, yay, it’s been great. We had heaps of wonderful people on board and our wonderful chef Chad cooked us a beautiful lunch. We had sushi and pies, you name it. It was wonderful when we got back we sang some songs and had to say goodbye to our guests, then after that we had all the food delivered for the next voyage so once again we worked as a team to get it done. When we finished James and I were lying on the deck and some of the boys and girls thought it would be funny to pour a bucket of water all over me. I was drenched, it was hilarious. I don’t know how but I’m going to get them back. Well I have to run, bye.Sinitta, 16, Thursday IslandHello everybody, I am having a wonderful time here on the Young Endeavour!! The weather was great today considering the last few days out at sea has been quite wet. Today was a really good experience for me, got to meet even more people that I would usually speak to. I personally got a lot out of the half day sail helping, those disadvantaged youth on board. It was great and makes me appreciate life a whole lot more and realise how truly lucky some of us are. To those who were thinking about coming along to the Young Endeavour in the future, I say do it! Heaps of fun and great experience. I’ve got a whole new aspect on life from being here!! Well best be off with just a quick shout out to my family and friends back home on Thursday Island, see you all soon.


19° 12' South / 146° 53' East


Situation at 1930. At anchor with 3 Shackles on Deck Starboard Anchor. Windo Southerly at 10 knots