Captain's Log
15 July 2010

At Anchor Brampton Island

Hi Everyone, During the early hours of this morning the wind strengthened to 20kts from the south east which assisted us in achieving our planned anchorage at Brampton Island at 0830. All three watches are now working extremely well together and have proven that they can hand in all sail in a relatively short period of time and even achieved a two watch ���wear ship’ whilst making our approach to Brampton Island, which is quite an achievement this early in the voyage. Once at anchor at Brampton Island, morning brief then cleaning stations were completed then all watches were ferried ashore. With feet now on ���terra firma’ the first stop made was the Brampton Island Resort Kiosk were a few necessities were purchased (coke, chocolates and ice creams) before setting out on a scenic 2km walk over to the beautiful Turtle Bay where everyone enjoyed some beach sports followed by a refreshing swim. By 1500 everyone had made the 2km return journey to the Jetty were Adam the Boats Officer was eagerly waiting ready to ferry everyone back to the Ship This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed a teak deck BBQ dinner (cooked by yours truly) which was followed by an entertaining session of three way talks (communication exercise). To finish of the evening Tug the Navigator and his assistant Sophie gave a short presentation on how to monitor the ships safety while at anchor, then we reverted to anchor watches for the night ensuring that everyone gets a good nights sleep so that they are well rested for the days ahead.Our current intention is to depart Brampton Island tomorrow morning and venture into the Whitsunday’s.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours Aye Captain Gav


20° 47' South / 149° 15' East


Currently at anchor at Brampton Island and enjoying moderate 12-15kt SE winds with nil swell.