Captain's Log
7 March 2009

At Anchor At Middle Percy Island

Hi Everyone, As predicted the wind backed to the south west overnight and hands were called to tacking stations on two separate occasions to wear ship (put the stern through the wind). Through the early hours of this morning we completed a passage between Middle and South Percy Islands before altering course to the north and shaping a new course for West Bay, which is located at Middle Percy Island. Following morning brief, all sail was handed in and sea furls completed before we motored the final 3nm miles to our planned anchorage in the very picturesque West Bay. Once safely at anchor the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they were given the opportunity to explore different parts of the Island and enjoy the spectacular beach. By 1615 everyone was back onboard and due to the strong prevailing winds placing us on a ���lea shore’ I decided to weigh anchor and move us around to the northern part of the Island were we discovered a safer and considerably more comfortable overnight anchorage. This evening we enjoyed our first teak deck BBQ of the voyage (expertly cooked by Paul the Sail Master) followed by a very entertaining and humorous session of ���three way talks’ (communication and public speaking exercise). To complete the days activities Adam the Navigator gave an important presentation on anchor watches before everyone turned in for a well deserved and much needed good nights rest.Please find attached some Captains Log entries from some of the Youth Crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavVoyage 8/09 Captains LogFriday 3 Jul 09Happy birthday Mum Hope you had a great day KaiHappy birthday Dad hope you have a great day tomorrow. Love ash. BAhoy mum, dad , family and alby. Having much fun, its fab weather and everyone is fantastic, love and miss you all muchly! Sarah C xxxHi Mum and Janice, I’m having heaps of fun apart from the sea sickness, but found a temporary cure today a fantastic visit to Middle Percy Island (So Beautiful and even got to eat fresh coconuts). Anyways Love You and Miss you both oxoxToday waking up several times to tack the ship was a different experience, I have found challenging experiences in furling the Square TopSail, people underneath me found out that a large swell and being 27 meters up leads to running from a shower of chunder. Dropping anchor at Middle Percy Island was a great time to go back ashore and take time to get to know the other watches within in the crew. Looking forward to the days to come and what is to be expected of us. Karl.Hi Fambly. We are at anchor in the Percy Island Group, went ashore today and hung out on the beach, it was beeeeautiful. I climbed the main mast today, to sea furl the main sail. I love climbing! Was not seasick this morning on dish pig duty, but feeling much better now. We are keeping anchor watches tonight.Love you, Pip xxHey everyone back home. Miss you guys at work and of course you Mum and Aaron. I climbed to the top of the mast! Haven’t been seasick yet, so that’s good news. Had the 2359 to 400 shift 2 nights ago which was interesting. Been set and furling sails. See you when I get back. Ashley. Ps. Hope u remembered to get my results Mum. xoxoHey people back home. Today I finished my dish pig duties bouncing around the galley (the sea was rocking us a bit). After that I was not feeling so well and��_I was sick, it was not much fun however it passed quickly. We then went ashore to middle Percy Island which was really pretty��_off to tea now bye bye xoxo Leah.Ahoy there! Hope you have all been checking this log as I very muchly doubt it��_ we have all been kept very busy and eating soo much delectable food! Today Adam was helping me with learning navigation and plotting points like lighthouses and islands. Its probably my favourite part so far! Lastnight Blue watch ( my watch) was on watch between 0400-0800. However before watch we had to adjust the sails twice to change the direction of the ship. This involved EVERYONE waking up whenever a change in direction is required. We entered choppy water overnight and had to climb the ���course forestaysail�� We circled Percy Island Group overnight arriving before lunch. We embarked onto middle Percy island. It has this little yactys hut which I am told has flea’s ��� I guess it would do being that there is like labrador dogs on the island ��_ that being said it had some fantastic memorabilia which is mounted and displayed in the hut. Chilling on the beach and kicking back was great. So nice to be on land after feeling soo sick. I even hugged a tree! Thus far, it has been amazing. Im not understanding everything with the sails, names and ropes but being in such a supportive environment and working things out as a team is fantastic. All for now and trust that everyone is well and coping without me. Love Dani


21° 38' South / 150° 16' East


Currently at anchor at Middle Percy Island and enjoying light SW winds with nil swell.