Captain's Log
12 May 2008


Hi Everyone,Sunrise this morning found Young Endeavour 20nm to the south east of Bermagui motor sailing due to very light winds. By morning brief the wind had freshened to 15kts from the north east, so given these perfect conditions we set a full press of fore and aft sails and went straight into a very smooth set of rotational tacks. On completion of this activity we were only 4nm from our planned anchorage at Bermagui so all sail was handed in and we proceeded to anchor just of the entry to the Bermagui Boat Harbour at 1100. Following a quick ‘hygiene clean’ and lunch the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they completed mid voyage talks then enjoyed some free time to explore the quaint township of Bermagui. This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed a ‘teak deck pizza’ night followed by the Young Endeavour Outdoor Cinema screening of the classic movie ‘Around Cape Horn’. Due to favourable wind conditions this evening I have decided to sail rather than remain at anchor at Bermagui overnight. By utilising these conditions we are assured of making Jervis Bay by midday tomorrow.Please find below some Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew.Until Tomorrow, Take Care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG VOYAGE 19-09Saturday 5 Dec 09Hey everyone,The trip is going fantastic so far� despite the hallway incident on the second night (thanks Brad). Spotted no pirates thus far but I still have my hopes up. Time is flying by fast and I’m loving each second of it.Signing off,Kenneth =]Hey People on the land,Anyone who gets the opportunity to go on this trip take it up. Meeting new people and having new experiences will stay with you forever!!! Climbing up the mast, out onto the bow sprint and always having fun; well besides the day we were all chucking over the side.See you all in a couple of days,Cheers�.JodezHey everyone back on dry land,The trip is absolutely fantastic! We have been at sea for 6 days now, currently at Bermagui. Climbing the foremast at 5 in the morning was scary and exhilarating, and the people here are great! Having the time of my life,Dan KG’day all,We’re livin’ the dream people, Livin’ the dream!This is absolutely epic!BradHey all you scone people� we are having a great time here� it has been awesome, I haven’t been sick yet and im loving it. my nose is burnt and hurts some what but ill live� see you all soon then we will head to fiji�.. its so grouse!!!!!! I have met so many awesome people� tell luke im in white watch and theat I saw his photoXoxoxox I have 2 more names� cin-a-MON and monsterLove you!!!! moniSnowy Rocks – Kain MHey all, having a great time on the water, think I’m finally getting the hang of this sea legs thing. Wish you were all here to share, some of the things we’re seeing are just so beautiful. Hugs to everyone and see you in a few more days, love Robby.Ahoy my friends. Went on dry land today and felt a tad on the dizzy side… which means I’ve got my sea legs. YAY!! Plenty of pirate like activities happening like sailing and ahoy-ing people. Having a FUNtastic time, been climbing masts, furling, heaving on lines and stuff. White watch is brilliant! Best watch EVER I say! Everyone on the ship are significantly awesome people, and the leaders are so much fun! In the words of Brad, “We’re livin the dream!”Love Lizzy ^_^ 


36°25's / 150°4'e


Currently at anchor at Bermagui and experiencing moderate SE winds with a .5m swell