Captain's Log
13 June 2007

At Anchor, Airlie Beach

Ahoy me Hearties,Shiver me giblets!What an awesome voyage we have had so far. To tell you all about their experince so far, here is YC Leigh:Hi everybody! Guess what we have been doing…We set sail on Friday morning heading towards White haven beach. We arrived just after lunch then decided to drop anchor. The next morning we woke to a swim where we were able to jump off the bow sprit. We set sail towards Cid Harbour. The second night we had our first watchers, waking up to tack for the first time was a challenge but we all got up there quick and got the job done. Then went back to sleep – well done guys!We arrived in Cid Harbour around 1500, enough time to have a bbq on Dugong Beach for sunset. We stayed at anchor all night, played some deck games, then went to sleep, knowing we had to wake up for anchor watch for a hour. We proceeded to Hook Reef via motor. After anchoring we got in the tenders to head to the reef pontoon. We were treated to a submarine ride and a short snorkel. A highlight was seeing a 288kg groper named George. For the last 24 hours we have been sailing the outside of the Whitsundays under heavy winds. Last night we required four tacks, the last one at 0700 hours resulted in a hand injury to Feeney, which led us to Airlie Beach for a hospital visit. He is fine now.This meant the rest of the crew got a chance to go ashore and unwind. We are currently anchored just outside of Airlie Beach and are preparing for command day which will commence tomorrow.Thats it for today super sea-men.Until to morrow shipmates,Yours AyeChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


20° 15' South / 148° 42' East


Wind SSE 15-20 knots