Captain's Log
6 January 2002

Armed With a Dozen Chupa-Chups

After a good break alongside in Eden we got going early Sunday morning and picked up the winds, driving us nicely in the direction we need to go. If everyone is feeling a little better after two days, certainly Eden helped even more. Most of the YC are keen climbers now and the seasickness is just a bad memory – they can laugh about it now. From here on in the work and fun really begin. We are expecting a storm tonight and on top of that the YC must complete testing teamwork exercise in their watches. Little sleep can be expected. We are over the halfway mark to Tassie and the YC are really bonding well into a reliable team.Youth Crew entry by Angela Hodge, age 17, from Scone.Hi everyone, especially Mum, Dad, Aaron and Scone council, who has given me the opportunity to come aboard this voyage. I am thoroughly enjoying my time aboard the Young Endeavour. I have overcome my seasickness, which I never thought I would. I don’t think I have been so sick in all my life. Today I reached two of my goals, which were climbing aloft the main mast and the fore mast, I am very proud of myself.The weather has been great, although crossing bass straight the winds have picked up which has been pretty scary. The food has been wonderful, fresh prawns, calamari, oxtail, chilli oysters, so it has been very satisfying. We have seen heaps of dolphins which has been exciting, and we have been very entertained by the staff’s quick and witty comments, anyway I miss you all dearly and I am looking forward to seeing you when I get home. Mum I’ll try and ring you in the next few days, love you all ��� Ange.Youth Crew entry by Patricia Henness, age 16, from Sydney.Armed with approximately a dozen or so chupa chups, I set sail onboard Young Endeavour to experience an adventure of a lifetime. On day 2 at 0100hr, my watch was in general forced to climb the yardarms. I was probably one of the very few who actually volunteered to climb to the top, and one of two members who dozed on the yards arms due to the obscene hour of the day. The sails on the yardarms at present are perceived to be white when looked at a distant. However upon closer inspection this is not the case due to previous watches, in this voyage, decorating the sails with all sorts of previously consumed goods. One tends to become more cautious when climbing and setting sails now.Young Endeavour’s staff members are legends especially the Boss, Eddie, Bullet, Damo and Paul. I would follow other youth crew members and say that I miss my family and friends, but this would be lying. I am having the time of my life and living life to the max onboard Young Endeavour. I would like to say hello to a special friend of mine from my school, Sarah Stevenson, for whom I have taken many photos. Unfortunately I will see my family and friends soon ��� TriciaStay tunedAndrew Davis


38° 0' South / 149° 0'


CO's Log Sunday 6 Jan 02Current situation at 1800: Screaming into Victorian waters and Bass Strait ahead of a 30 knot northerly which has got the ship up to 10 knots. Temp 25C.