Captain's Log
15 November 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 25 of our voyage. Well our good run with the wind finally ran out this morning when it backed to the SSE and went light and variable which meant we had to utilize the ‘iron headsails’ (main engines) and sadly have continued to do so throughout the day.

Not that it has worried our World Voyagers to much because they have enjoyed another Sunday Sea Routine, which meant having the day off.

Being Sunday the only news that I have which hasn’t been covered by our World Voyagers is an update on our position which currently is 370nm to the WSW of Cape Town motor sailing in light SW conditions.

Volunteering to write tonight’s Captain Log before the start of this evenings Moonlight Cinema Movie is Red Watches Nicole and Jack, please enjoy.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Ahoy World beyond the horizon,

Today was Sunday and we all know what that means…SUNDAY SEA ROUTINE! Morning brief was suspended, Happy Hour (cleanos) cancelled, and those not on watch were treated to a potentially unlimited sleep in. Sunday sea routine is an important day for all world voyagers (staff and youth alike) to take a time out and recharge the batteries after what is always an exhausting week. As such, nap time was high on the agenda for most, but much fun was still had.

Being a Sunday Sea Routine three brave volunteers stepped up to the challenge of running the galley unassisted (mostly) to give our fantastic chef Jenko a well deserved rest. A huge round of applause to Louisa, Matt, and Alice for slaving away in the galley all day churning out some delicious meals while the rest of us relaxed, the grub was truly fantastic!

When not full of world voyagers stuffing their faces with the latest culinary delights out of the galley the café doubled as a cinema. The original Pirates of the Caribbean was the morning screening and the crowd took delight not only in Orlando’s rugged good looks, but also in commenting on the tall ship rigging – of which we are all now experts. The cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show was screened in the afternoon after it was discovered that many of the crew’s educationally neglected had not seen this piece of essential viewing.

The afternoon sunshine allowed many of the crew to fully embrace what has become our pseudo motto of “Suns out, Guns out”. Suffering from a lack of fulfilment after not having Happy Hour it was time for a general scrub of the upper decks. Staffies Dougie and Horto (also fully embracing the motto) guided an all voluntary cast of world voyagers cleaning around the decks.

This was followed up by an impromptu PT session on midships – it has been several days since Pirate Pete’s last session and many of us are suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Like us the weather also elected to take Sunday as day of rest and decided to stop the wind. Unfortunately that means we have had to furl in the sails and have been under engines for most of the day. We are all eagerly awaiting the freshening of the wind so that we may extract as much time under sail as possible before be we reach Cape Town and this amazing voyage must come to an end.

Currently a screen has been erected on midships and the crew are eagerly awaiting sunset so that we can begin the final instalment of Young Endeavour Moonlight Cinema, watching “A Knight’s Tale”..

Got to go, there are dolphins off the starboard beam.

Red Watch Reunited (Jack and Nicole)


Congratulations to Zoe for conquering her fear and climbing to the top of the foremast yesterday and reaching the topgallant yard.


35 degrees 14 minutes South / 11 degrees 10 minutes East


Currently located 370nm to the WSW of Cape Town motor sailing in very light southerly winds with a 1.5m SW swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 13 degrees.