Captain's Log
2 August 2001

Another Memorable Voyage

Last night, after all the chores were done, we all let our hair down with an end of voyage concert. I doubt whether we have any budding stars amongst our company but we all shared a few good laughs.This morning we weighed anchor for the short run into our berth in Fremantle with all Youth Crew aloft, manning the yards, for a traditional tall ship entry into harbour. Once alongside I had the pleasure of presenting all the Youth Crew with their Voyage certificates, and Ben Yates with the Order of Australia award (awarded to the Youth Crew member who best reflected the spirit of Young Endeavour and the Youth Scheme).And so concludes another memorable voyage. I think Paula most eloquently captures some of our thoughts and feelings at this time and I think it appropriate we end with her words. As a temporary CO, my voyage also ends here. Once again it has been a privilege to work with a wonderful team of people.Signing off until next timeCap’n BobPS – For returnees that live in Perth there is a day sail on Friday 10 and open day on Sunday 12 August. If you would like lend a hand contact John Glenn in the office on 1800 020 444.Youth Crew entry by Paula Pattemore aged 20 from Mackay.Well what to say!! It’s all drawn to an end, much quicker than we all expected. Yesterday we had our end of voyage de-briefs and we all reflected on highlights, low points, challenging moments and any goals we aimed to achieve. It was during this talk that it really hit me that it was all over and how much we had achieved over the 17-day voyage. Personally, seasickness was one of my worst moments and many others share my opinion. Highlights for me are the moments we spent at midships looking up at the stars, watching amazing sunsets, swimming off the boat, whales, dolphins and achieving so much as a team. Things I have done over the past 17 days have amazed me and pushed my limits. I have never achieved so much on so little sleep and woken up at all hours of the morning with only one shake!!!! My biggest challenge came to me on command day when we had 30-40 knot winds and I climbed up the main mast to seafurl the main sail. I didn’t want to do it at all, but volunteers were low. Looking back now, it has made me realise how far I can push myself. Yesterday we had the opportunity to share our newly formed knowledge with others during our half-day sail. It was a great day, sun was shining, waters were calm and rain was scarce. Fun was had by all. Later on that evening after our last decent feed we had our fantastic concert. Many laughs and the perfect opportunity to pay out appropriate staff. Well like everything in life, all good things must come to an end!!! Hello to all my family and friends in Mackay, Brisbane and Sydney!! Thanks for giving me this opportunity!!! Love you and miss you all.


32° 3' South / 115° 44'


CO's Log 2 August 2001Situation at 1000 Wednesday 01 July 2001: Position 32 03 S 115 44 E. Alongside Fremantle Harbour. Conditions: wind north 5 knots, clear skies, temperature 12 degrees (cold).