Captain's Log
7 December 2002

Another Day’s Adventure

Situation at 20:00-The team building exercise the watches conducted last night was very valuable and highlighted the need for tolerance andcooperation when completing relatively complex tasks in a small group. A change in the wind direction caused all hands to be piped to Tacking Stations at 01:30 just as a rain squall passed overhead. A sense of humour is definately an attribute that is necessary when serving in a Tallship. Despite the uncomfortable ride caused by a quartering sea, and the interruptions to sleep, all hands turned to at morning brief bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for another day’s adventure in Australia’s National Tallship.Happy hour had a special theme today-Brasso Day- and before too long the Ship was spotless and gleaming from stem to stern. XOChooka led the third installment of Rope Races which was followed by an exercise designed to highlight the importance of accurate communications within a group. Throughout the forenoon, Sydney was visible to port as the Ship continued North towards Broken Bay. After lunch, all hands closed up at their tacking stations for a series ofdemonstration and rotational tacks. The watches rotated through each others positions so as to gain an understanding of what other parts of the Ship are doing when tacking or wearing Ship. At the same time,each member of the Youth Crew observed what happens from the bridge and Captain John described the various stages, orders and influences that are considered when carrying out this evolution. This activity complimented the sailing theory lecture delivered by Captain John afew days ago.Throughout the Dog watches the Watch Leaders guided the Youth Crew through the mid-voyage talks. This provides the staff with somefeedback on how our cliental assess the voyage so far and often highlights opportunities for improving the Youth Development program. The plan for tonight is to remain to the Sou’East of the Skillion andbe in a position to take advantage of the forecast Nor’East winds to sail into Broken Bay tomorrow afternoon after completing the last major hurdle prior to command day.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with two 373 kg Stokes cast steel anchors which are each fitted with five shackles (450 ft) of 17.5mm cable. When weighing anchor, the capstan is capable of heaving in the cable at the rate of 1 shackle (90 ft) every 2.5 minutes.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Handy Billy- A small general purpose tackle usually rove as a Jigger. In YOUNG ENDEAVOUR a HandyBilly is typically used to haul taut the tack of the Main Gaff Topsail and the weather clew of the Course when sailing on the wind. Knots- The speed of the Ship, wind or current measured in nautical miles per hour (1nm = 1852m).Thought of the day: The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats or intellectual achievements, but moral acts:to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say ‘I was wrong’. Sidney Harris.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANHI MUM, DAD, ADRIAN AND CHRISTIAN (GRUB)I KNOW YOU COME TO THIS WEB SITE EVERY MORNING SO I THOUGHT I WOULD SAY GOODMORNING TO YOU ALL, AND LET YOU KNOW IM STILL HAVING A GREAT TIME, TALK TO YOU SOON LOVE ALWAYS BROOKEHEY MUM, DAD AND JANUSJUST A QUICK NOTE TO SAY HI. HAVING A GREAT TIME. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TUESDAY JANEY AND HAVE FUN IN NZ MUM. LOVE YOU ALL, TALK SOON. LOVE ALWAYS LAURA XXOOHI IANTHE. THINKING OF YOU HEAPS, JUST A NOTE TO SAY I LOVE YOU AND I’M HAVING A GREAT TIME. LOVE STEVEN


33° 37' South / 151° 22' East