Captain's Log
11 September 2009


Hi Everyone,Throughout today the Youth Crew have continued to consolidate their routines, experienced more sail handling and received lectures on sail theory and Rules of the Road. As predicted the wind has continued from the south east which has meant that we have had to motor sail most of the day so as to maintain a speed of above 7kts and hopefully achieve our crossing of the Great Australian Bight in 5 days. Late this afternoon we conducted a session of three way talks which is an activity designed to assist the Youth Crew in getting to know other members of the Youth Crew outside of their watch. It is also assists in developing confidence in public speaking and improving communication skills. This was the first time that we had attempted this activity while not at anchor and despite the movement of the ship and the added wind noise this still proved to be a highly entertaining and successful activity. On completion of these talks and another great dinner the Youth Crew settled back into their watches for the night and will continue to consolidate their newly acquired mariner skills as we continue our passage across the Bight.The time is now 2000 and we are currently located 370nm from Esperance and will pass the halfway mark across the Bight late this evening.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


34°48's / 128°24'e


Currently motor sailing under fore and aft sails and experiencing moderate - strong SE winds with a 2m swell