Captain's Log
27 August 2001

And away we go…

This afternoon our new bunch of adventurers joined. This crew are a little different because 11 of the 25 new crew are returnees, meaning that they have sailed on YOUNG ENDEAVOUR before. For them this Voyage represents an opportunity for former YC to relive their previous experience. For us it means we are able to sail right away because of their previous time ‘before the mast.’ When we leave Esperance we need to sail straight away because we’ve got such a long way to go across the Great Australian Bight, to Adelaide.For now we’ll spend a few hours at anchor here ‘learning the ropes’ and tonight leave our shelter for the wide blue ocean.The Staffies for Voyage 14 are: Matt-XO, Aaron-Nav, Ian Heldon- swimmer, Karen-White WL, Mhanda-Blue WL, Barry-Red WL, Woody-Cheffo, Paul Baker-Engineer.Stay tuned, Andrew Davis PS. Happy Birthday, Dad! (and from us in the office too!)


33° 52' South / 121° 55' East


Current situation at 1800: At anchor in Esperance Bay. Wind Sou'west at 12 Knots. Temp - sunny but cool.