Captain's Log
and the voyage was over. Friends and family toured the ship
10 June 2001

An Emotional Farewell

Situation at 12:00- Last night was the final night of the voyage. The Youth Crew remained in sea watches overnight, allowing them to exchange contact details and facilitate the farewell process. It was an emotional time for many, who at the start of the voyage had no idea how close a group of people could become in just ten days.This morning started early, with an old favourite game Honey if you love me, smile”. Then a magnificent breakfast from chef Stonii recharged and reinvigorated everbody for an exciting morning.At 0830 the ship departed the Grain Wharf and proceeded to sea. A short voyage between Bass and Flinders Island off PortKembla gave the opportunity for Loz and I to practice our ship handling skills. A couple of quick laps around a life-ring to practice man-overboard recoveries was good fun


the confined spaces and eachother for ten days!YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The ship is fitted with two Perkins 6 Cylinder Turbo Sabre Main Engines. These are affectionallyknown as the ""Steel Topsails"". The engines drive twin 3 bladed fixed pitch propellors through twin disc reduction reversing gearboxes. The egines are used primarily for manoeuvering when coming alongside or in confined waters. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System: The GMDSS is a modern satellite and digital radiosystem allowing ships in distress to inform other ships and shore authorities of the nature of their distress and their locationautomatically / effectively reducing the search component of Search and Rescue.Navigation: The art and science of working out where you are and where you want to go. May involve the use of a sextant


anentertaining albiet expensive device which is of great use in determining that your GPS is grossly inaccurate assuming your calculated position is (as always) correct.Thought of the day: One ship drives east