Captain's Log
13 March 2002

An Unforgettable Experience

Situation at 1800: Last night we tacked our way out of the confined waters of northern Spencer Gulf then later in the early morning the wind backed into the southeast, allowing us to set squares and romp along on a beam reach at 10 knots in the fresh 25 knot breeze.Unfortunately with the increasing winds came a bit of seasickness and by morning everyone was looking pretty puffed. So no time was wastedin getting to the anchor off the best beach in Australia (or so the Navigator promised) and at 1030 all sail was handed and we came toanchor off the northern end of Reevesby Island.After lunch all the Youth Crew proceeded ashore for an afternoon of exploring the island, beach games and swimming. I think it’s safe to say the consensus is that the Navigator wasn’t faroff the mark. Now all are back onboard sated, after a delicious meal, and looking forward to a relaxing night at anchor before getting back into more sailing tomorrow.Youth Crew Entry:Steven Shanahan, aged 19, from Geraldton, WA.Sailing is fun as most know though meeting new people and general adventure is why I’m here. The ship and crew are great and the food for those who can keep it down is top shelf. Having fun, hi to all West Aussies. Recommend voyage anyday. Cya. Shanas.Matthew Colledge, aged 22, from Gold Coast, QLD.After getting over the initial nerves, we climbed up the foremast at 4:00 a.m. to set the topgallant sail (around 100 feet high) in 30 knot winds. That and learning how sail ships work has proved to be an enjoyable and character building experience. Full marks to the captain and crew for making this an unforgettable experience.Thanks Young Endeavour.G’DAY Queenslanders. Matty.Until then,Cap’n Bob.


34° 30' South / 136° 17'


At anchor off Reevesby Island. Wind south 15 knots, skies clear, temp 20 degrees.