Captain's Log
23 March 2002

An Eye Opening Experience

Current situation at 1800: Last night after the BBQ, we went ashore to the movies while some chose chose to stay on board to just take in the atmosphere. We got up really early to leave the wharf – another ship needs the berth – and we anchored briefly in the bay til lunch. The YC solved problems of sailing the ship to and from an anchorage at a group discussion and then we were off – and dodging the tuna farms…This evening finds YE becalmed and the YC are drawing the sails from side to side hoping to catch a puff that will get us moving toward some great bays and islands in the Strait near KangarooIsland. Brother Nutsie was thanked for the wind so far and the YC joined us in our praise of this great man by achieving an amazing feat.Youth Crew entry by Jane Burkitt from Canberra and Nesrine Abou Abdallah from Adelaide, both aged 23:Today, we left Port Lincoln for the open seas again. Once sailing we encountered dolphins and a hammer head shark. We are both enjoying the voyage immensely, especially the sailing group activities and the brilliant food. We have now all overcome bouts of sea sickness and are enjoying the company of our newly formed friendships. The weather has been great, very warm days and cool nights.Hi Mum, Dad, Da and Runt. I made it to the top of the 35 metre mast and stood on the yard arms with the support of my team and leaders. What a buzz… -JaneHi Mum, Dad, Salma and Narmeen. I am having a great time…climbed to the top of the mast too. We have lost all track of time and worldly contact, its an eye opening experience. See you in a few days. -NesBy the way, the staff are great especially Chooka the Canberran. This trip is giving us the opportunity to experience what the early Explorers once did.Stay tuned, Andrew R. Davis


34° 51' South / 136° 11'


At sea off Thistle Island, nearly inInvestigator Strait, wind - light and variable, temp 28 C