Ambassador Story
26 March 2017

An experience which influenced my career direction!

“I joined the Young Endeavour voyage 14/16 in August 2016 sailing from Gove to Darwin. I expressed interest at a time where I was close to completing my university studies, a little unsure of what was next and looking for a new adventure.

Learning to sail was amazing – climbing aloft, learning how to set sails, seeing amazing sunsets, sunrises and working on a 24-hour watch system were all wonderful experiences.

What I didn’t know when I embarked on my journey would be the friendships I would make, how I would develop my leadership and teamwork skills and what a process of personal development and awareness I would go through.

I feel it was on command day where I learnt the most about myself and my leadership style. Working in event management I am naturally a leader, organiser and planner but throughout command day I found it so important to sit back and watch others lead and understand how to work alongside my watch and remaining crew to achieve team goals without fulfilling a leadership position.

Since returning home I have begun working for Windeward Bound (a Hobart based sail training vessel) where I feel proud to be able to encourage other students to participate in voyages similar to what I undertook on Young Endeavour. It’s hard to explain the experience you go through while on a youth development voyage, but you know they understand when they return! I love hearing the stories from the trainees because I know from the experience they have changed for the better.

For me, the voyage really was life changing and so much more than an opportunity to learn to sail. I look back on my Young Endeavour adventure almost daily when making life-decisions. I feel proud to work for an organisation which works so closely with the Young Endeavour and can provide similar experiences for youth within Tasmania”

Lisa Kluver