Captain's Log
23 January 2003

An Easy Night At Anchor

Situation at 20:00- As we remained upwind of Sydney Heads last night, the wind and sea abated as forecast. The watches set and furled sail as required to take advantage of the wind, and the hours spent on watch flew by quickly.At 08:00 the Ship sailed through the Heads and made our way down the Western Channel towards Garden Island. Once alongside, theYouth Crew turned to at Happy Hour.XO Chooka pronounced the Ship clean to his satisfaction, and promptly led the Youth Crew ashore to the Botanical Gardens for some sport. On their way back to the Ship,they visited some of the local shops and stocked up on lollies. With the Youth Crew back onboard, and our engineering defect seen to, the Ship sailed to an anchorage in Rose Bay.Once secure in the anchorage, Captain John presented the sail theory lecture. On command day, when the Youth Crew are charged with sailing the Ship on their own, the information provided in the lecture will no doubt prove very useful. The three-way talks have just completed. This activity requires each member of the Youth Crew to learn the life story of two others, and then relate one of their stories to the assembled Ship’s Company. Naturally, some ad libbing and artistic license takes place which only serves to make the stories all the more entertaining.Overnight the Youth Crew will be assigned to groups of three and stand an anchor watch. This will allow them to learn more aboutthe members of the other watches while they monitor the safety of the Ship at anchor. The green faces of yesterday are gone and have been replaced by grins. The Youth Crew have weathered their first two nights at sea and are looking forward to an easy night at anchor and the chance to catch up on some missing sleep.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship was built at Brooks Yachts’ yard at Lowestoft England and launched on 14 May 1987. Shewas built of modular hull units which were joined together one by one. The masts, rigging , sails and engineering systems were built in shops and factories all around England.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Backstay- In a square-rigged ship, a wire leading from the top of a mast to a point on the side or railbehind the mast and supporting the mast from forward tension. Binnacle-A structure, usually in front of the helm, that houses themagnetic compass, lights for the compass and small iron bars that correct the compass for deviation.Thought of the Day: In all great arts as in trees it is the height that charms us, we care nothing for the roots or trunks, yetit could not be without the aid of these. Marcus Tullius Cicero.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RANHi everyone, this is day four of our voyage and I have finally got over my sea sickness. I am having a great time and I cant believe how much we have learnt in this short time. Climbing up the mast andtieing up the top gallant sail was the most exciting and scariest thing I have ever done. All the crew are great and I am looking forward to the rest of the voyage.Lisa MartinQLDHi everyone, this is day four of the voyage and I haven’t been sea sick but I came close. Day three we had around 2 metre swells and that night I had to go up to the top gallant in strong winds. All our crew are great and fun to work with. Im looking forward to the next six days at sea.Lachlan MorrisonVIC


33° 52' South / 151° 16' East


At anchor in Rose Bay .Wind: ESE at 5 kts, Temp: 22c, Cloud Cover:8/8