Captain's Log
27 August 2002

An amazing feat

The light and continually changing winds that were present at the start of command day continued throughout the night, and resulted inthe Youth Crew being piped to ‘Tacking Stations’ several times. The weather conditions provided a considerable challenge not only to their sailing abilities but also to their organisational kills, as well as their sense of humour. But at sunrise all was well and the wind picked up a bit and Barrenjoey soon started to fall astern.The Youth Crew managed to pass through three waypoints before shaping a course for Sydney Harbour and our anchorage at Hunters Bay. Once at anchor, they landed their Beach Assault Team (BAT) whose mission was to claim Balmoral Beach in the name of the youth of Australia. They managed to convince 46 local people to join them in singing the National Anthem.Overall, command day was a terrific success. Just over a week ago the 24 young Australians who comprise the Youth Crew were complete strangers to one another with virtually no sailing experience. For them to successfully take command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for a 24 hour period is an amazing feat that that reflects well on them as members of a diverse team as well as individuals.The command day debrief has just completed. This is where the Staff Crew act as facilatators for the Youth Crew to analyse command day in an open and frank forum. The aim is to identify those attributes that served the team well during command day and consider how they can be applied to their future lives.The anchor watch is set and 06:30 comes all too soon. After the hectic pace of the last few days all hands are keen to get as much sleep as possible before another busy day commences.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with two brass Cannons cast at the Royal Ordinance Factory, Nottingham, England. They fire blank 12 gauge shotgun shells and are used for ceremonial salutes and scaring off Pirate Ships.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Beat – To beat is to work the ship to windward by tacking. Flemish Horse – Short footropes at the yardarms(ends of the yards)Thought of the day: One thing I know: the only ones among you who will be truely happy are those who will have sought and found how toserve. Albert Schweitzer.Yours, AyeJohn Cowan,LCDR, RANHi EverybodyIt is chris From Ingleburn. I miss everybody a lot. Having a lot of fun. We have just given back the ship to the crew after command day. What a lot of fun it was, you would not belive it but I was Navigator for command day. No we did not hit any land and we made it into Sydney in one piece. It was a lot of hard work but it was very good fun. Any way I will see you on Thursday and I can not what for a full 8 hours sleep per night with out having to get up in the night.Bye for nowChris DenmanHey guys,It’s Shane from Mirboo North. Having a great time on board, doing and experiencing so many new things. All of which have been challenging,inspirational and sometimes frustrating. Today being command day would have to have been one of the biggest highlights of the voyage. It has tested myself on so many different levels and I have learnt about myself so much in this small amount of time. Being a part of the BAT (Beach Assult Team) crew was one of the most rewardingexperiences on this trip. Having to invite people onto the beach as we claim it and seeing all those smiling faces, nothing can describe it. During debriefing of the command day earlier tonight made me realise how much of an impact this day has had on me. Nothing can compare to the experiences and lessons this trip has put me through. I have learnt so much and I know that these skills will benefit me later on down the track. I am looking forward to seeing you all backhome, as I have missed you all dearly! Signing off for nowShane WilsonHi Mum, Dad, Gor, Elizabeth, Thomas, Cui-Cui, Prerna, Grace and Charlie. Just wanted to let you know I am having a great time, and I’m really glad that I went on this trip. It has been like a intense ironbark at sea, with a lot less sleep and more heights. It has been a really good experience, if somewhat testing. Anyway I needsome sleep, so I will see you all thursday!love heaps, Caroline Morgan


33° 50' South / 151° 16'


Wind: West at 5 knots, Temp: 13