Captain's Log
4 December 2002

An Amazing Display of Colours

Situation at 21:00 – During the night watches last night all hands were busy trimming sail and learning more about YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. A large shiftin the wind meant that Wakey Wakey this morning was actually all hands being piped to Tacking Stations. At morning brief, Engineer Rags completed his rounds and harvested two full scran bags of gearleft sculling. All but one of the Youth Crew had to pay the piper.The wind died off throughout the morning to the point where the Ship was making only bare steerageway. Fortunately this didn’t impact on XO Chooka’s favourite part of the day-happy hour. Round one of rope races finished off the forenoon and all hands were treated to yet another feast compliments of Chef Polly.The afternoon started off with Navigator Sparky delivering a lecture on basic navigation. At that point the wind had completely died and the Ship was as idle as a painted ship…. when out of the blue the famous Eastern mystic Brother Noonsie made a timely appearance. Brother Noonsie is famous in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR for being able to bring the wind by making the Youth Crew levitate. True to form his visit was followed by a return of the wind and we resumned our voyage South to Jervis Bay.Watch Officer Bullet finished off the afternoon with with a lecture on the rule-of-the-road. All hands mustered on the foc’sle to watch the sunset and hopefully catch a glimpse of the Green Flash. It was not to be… but mabey tomorrow. We did witness an amazing display of colours as the sun reflected onto the sea through a cloudfrom a bushfire ashore. As I write this the Red watch are aloft sea furling the Topsail. Becaust the wind has backed to the Sou’West we are sailing under our fore-and-aft sails only. The forecast is for the wind to increase so it is likely that there will be a few more green faces tomorrow.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Since arriving in Australia in 1988 the Ship has sailed over 220,000 nautical miles and spent more than 42,000 hours underway. Over 6,000 young Australians have taken part in the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR experience.ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Bilge-The nearly flat part of the bottom of the hull both inside and out. Bilge is also the foul water that collects inside the ship in the bilges. Draught-The depth of the keel below the waterline at any point along the hull.Thought of the Day: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


34° 22' South / 151° 40' East


At sea under six sails, Wind:Sou'West at 15- 20 kts, Temp:24c, Sky:4/8 cloud